Sunday, October 6, 2013


I leave for NYC in less than a week!  I'm very excited that it's finally time for Blythecon.  Rather than fly, P and I decided to go by train.  It will be both of our first time traveling via Amtrak.  Although it will be a looong trip, I think we'll have fun!  I'm a little concerned about meeting my vegan dietary needs while on board, but I guess that what snacks are for.  
Once we get to the city I have lots of vegan yummies to choose from!

We arrive Saturday evening and we will spend all day Sunday at Blythecon.  I'm super excited to see all the vendors (and buy some lovely items as well)!  I'm even more excited about the door prizes.  So many talented people donated items from doll clothes to customized Blythes!  I'd be super psyched to win a new Blythe!!  :)  

We leave Monday morning.  It's a very short trip, made even shorter by choosing to travel by train, but we're going to pack a lot of fun into a little time!  


  1. There is a Blythecon!? Oh my goodness that must be so school! I bet there are so many accessories to buy... I am drooling over doll accessories now haha!

    1. Yes! They have them all over the world! It will be my first time. I'm so excited!

  2. Oh, wow! Heather! It's your paradise!! Have a blast!


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