Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Autumn is finally here!  I decided to put out a few decorations (even though they got stolen last fall).  So I found a pumpkin, mums and a few ears of Indian corn at the farmers market.  It's funny how such a small arrangement makes my porch feel so welcoming...
...perhaps too welcoming!  A hungry raccoon devoured one ear of corn and took the other "to go"!!  

The cooler weather has brought back my desire to cook.  Here you can see my two little helpers: Persephone and Khaleesi!

I've also been trying my hand at new crafts!  Needle felting is fun (and occasionally painful...barbed needles...ouch)!  Here's Mommy and baby turtle.  :)


  1. Oh my goodness those kittens! I would just adore having some little cats to play around at my feet while I cook or paint. One day maybe.

  2. I've been away too long....Khaleesi? Ka-utie!
    Mums always mean Fall to me, too! Maybe try a fake pumpkin or 2...the critters won't nibble on them.
    How funny, though, that they loved your "offering"...haha!

    How's life treating you? I've missed you! Sorry I've been ignoring my Blog :(
    Going through a slump, methinks....

    Sending hugs!


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