Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wedding Day

I worried for months that it would rain on my wedding day.  I obsessed about it, mainly b/c I didn't want to shell out the big bucks for a tent shelter.  I was tempting fate, I know...but for once life cooperated and sent us a beautiful day!  It was overcast the morning of but by noon the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  Lovely!  
These are iPhone photos, not the professional ones.  I should have those next week sometime. Until then...

My dress.  I love this dress however it was a bit of a challenge to wear because none of those layers were sewn together at the sides.  If it had been a windy day, the guests would have gotten a show they hadn't bargained for!  ;)  

My BFF (and bridesmaid) Channon, enjoying her cupcake.  I love this girl!  Don't get me started on the Great Dress Disaster of 2013!  I had the girls order (what appeared to be) lovely custom made summer sundresses from a girl on Etsy.  The girls got their dresses back and they were HUGE!  The dresses were literally falling off of them.  And because the Etsy girl took so long to make the dresses, we didn't have time to send them back to her for a redo.  It was such a stressful situation for my bridesmaids to deal with that I didn't want to burden them further.  I told them to find any yellow dress that they would be comfortable in.  So that's why my girls dresses don't match.  Lol.  

My lovely bouquet.  I adore these sunflowers.  The florist did an outstanding job on all of the flowers.  

A random candid that someone snapped.  I like how it turned out, although I wish that hand wasn't smack dab in the middle!  I found that gorgeous flower crown on Etsy.  So delicate and pretty...

The amazing cupcakes that managed to survive my pre wedding car crash (sadly they didn't all make it...but that's ok...smashed cupcakes taste just as good...there was enough perfect ones for the guests...I made hubbie eat the ruined ones...mwah haha)!  

Extended family shot.


Pat was supposed to pretend that he had cold feet and  was running away...I don't think he was to interested!

Our partially filled guest"book".  

Wedding Party...

Cute kids.  We had lots of little ones at the wedding.  I made goody bags for all of them (needless to say, they were a hit).  :)


We stayed in Hocking Hills for the honeymoon, in one of our favorite log cabins.  We mostly just relaxed but on Monday we went on a trail ride!  I rode this pretty girl...she was awesome.  Pat was more than a little nervous, being that it was his first time on a horse.  He did well though!  

This is Gunner.  He lives next door to the cabin that we stayed in.  I love this guy!  He loves me b/c I bring him apples and the occasional piece of hard  candy (he has a sweet tooth)...something we have in common.  

I'll post the professional pics soon!  


  1. I think I like the mismatched yellow dresses even better than if they would have matched. You look beautiful! Congratulations, everything looked so amazing!

  2. Pre Wedding Car Crash?!

    Other than the dress debacle and that, it looks like it was perfect, Heather Love!
    Many happy look so're beaming in that candid!

    So sorry to just be getting here now (we just got back on Monday night). So excited to see the other photos, too!

    Biggest Hugs, Married Lady!!


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