Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Day Surprises and More!

This May Day was an extra special one for me.  I woke to a most unexpected and wonderful surprise.  Bast had kittens!!  Funny thing is, I didn't even know she was pregnant.  I noticed that she had grown chubby seemingly overnight.  There wasn't any reason to think she was pregnant.  The boys in my house are all neutered.  And then I remembered.  The night before Romeo's (the stray) surgery, he had access to my house.  I guess all it takes is one time!!!  Now Bast and I have three tiny kittens!  They are really quite sweet.  These photos were taken hours after they were born.  Already, mere days later, they are bigger!  Kittens grow too fast!  
She has one grey and white and two black and whites...super cute.  :)  

The papa cat...

Romeo's new girlfriend (men are so fickle!).  She (I'm assuming it's a girl...I have no proof) is a feral and I call her Juliet.  Isn't she pretty?

Some shots of the neighborhood chickens.  Their owners let them free range all over the neighborhood.  Cute!  

Ingrid enjoying her walk...

and the peonies!

I started my riding lessons again on Saturday.  This is Sonny.  He's pretty awesome.  

My latest project.  I'm dragging my feet on this one.  I think I don't really like embroidering people...I always take forever to finish them.

I've been hard at work on my new Etsy shop.  I've got everything set up and some dresses listed.  Now I'm just waiting for the Etsy shop branding stuff I ordered.  Figured I'd pay someone to design my banner, avatar, business cards and so on.  One less thing for me to do!  I'm also waiting on my packaging.  Once I have those things, I can officially open the shop.  I do have a name picked out... 

Good news!  The new teal Blythe will be on her way this week!  Yay!  

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  1. Wow! Surprise kittens! What cuties they are!

    Next time you need a store banner, let me know. I'm not too shabby....and definitely cheaper....haha!

    Love your little dresses...
    ...and speaking of will be time for you to wear yours very soon *squeal*!!


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