Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kittens and Crafting

Hello lovelies!  How is this week treating you?  
I'm having a little "staycation" this week and I'm loving every minute of it!  I've had some time to spend with my fiance, which was great.  He lives over two hours away so we are lucky if we see one another twice a month.  So he came for a long weekend visit and other than going to dinner on Saturday night, we pretty much just spent our time at home (something we rarely do...we're always on the go).  He even had time to hang this shelf in my craft corner.  After he went home yesterday, I spent several hours organizing and prettifying (is that even a word...lol).  I wish I would've taken a before picture.  The difference is night and day!  I love it.  I feel inspired to sit there and create.  Before the shelf, all the things were crammed on that small table.  Not much room left for sewing!  

It's still a work in progress.  I want to get some pretty fabric storage bins for the shelf.  I'm also going to make a smaller version of my fabric banners, to string across the shelf.  :)  
It's really amazing how just a few simple changes can make such a huge difference.  

The wedding countdown has begun!  We are 10 days and 18 hours away.  It really snuck up on me!  I'm using this week to get all my crafty wedding stuff done.  Like this "Welcome" embroidered sign...

The kittens are growing up!  They are 27 days old today!  Last week they learned how to play with each other (and me).  It's really cute.  They lay on their backs and wave their front paws while kicking with their back paws.  
This little girl seems to really like me.  Ever since she was a newborn she would let me hold her without crying.  The other two kittens would fuss and carry on, but not her.  She likes to snuggle with me when I'm watching tv.  Sometimes she tries to "nurse" on my arm.  Silly kitten!  

This little girl is the biggest kitten.  She's a sweet, content little thing with a big tummy!  She really enjoys watching her siblings.  She seems to just take it all in.  

This is the boy kitty...he's also the runt of the litter.  However he doesn't let that stop him.  He's the most adventurous of the group.  Much to his Mom's dismay, he has discovered the world outside of his box nursery.  He climbs out and she drags him back.  He cries loudly and stubbornly crawls out of the box again.  Mamma Cat follows and drags him back.  He cries again.  It's a vicious cycle.  Lol.  I love his independent spirit!  

Zoe thinks she's the Mommy!  She loves these kittens so much.  She grooms them every chance she gets.  It's adorable.  I call them her "kitty crack" because I swear she acts like a druggie in need of a fix whenever they are near!  Lol.  

Speaking of Zoe, she nearly gave me a heart attack a few weeks ago.  I was having a late night snack of grapes.  I sat the bowl down and left the room for a moment (without thinking).  When I got back Zoe had knocked the bowl down and had eaten all of the grapes...I'm estimating around 20 grapes.  
Grapes can be toxic to dogs so I rushed her to the ER Vet.  They admitted her and induced vomiting.  They gave her lots of fluids to flush her system and decided to keep her for observation.  So Zoe had to stay for two whole days.  They ran tests to make sure her kidneys weren't damaged.  The tests showed she was free and clear, so I got to bring her home.  It was such a scary two days for me.  I would never have forgiven myself if my sweet girl had died because of some stupid grapes.  
I've banned grapes (and raisins) from my house.  It's just not worth it.  Not to mention the $300 vet bill (right before the wedding...I was not happy about that)!  
All's well though.  That's what matters.  :)  

Happy Tuesday!


  1. So glad Zoe is okay! We never knew grapes were toxic to dogs growing up...we thought it was cute when our dog, Jack, would gently pull them off the vine with his front teeth. He was a rottie/shepard mix and lived to be 18! Amazing for a dog that size!

    The kittens are adorable. I just love their coloring.
    So, will your Hubby move in with you after the wedding? Is he ready to be a FurBaby Daddy....heehee ;P

    How exciting that the wedding is so close!!
    Can't wait to see it!!


    1. I know! I used to feed grapes as an occasional treat. Who knew! It doesn't help that they can't figure out why it affects one dog and not another. Go figure!

      Yes, he will move in as soon as he finds a job here. He applies daily but no luck so far. Sadly we may have a bit of a wait before the move. :(

  2. Oh I did not know your fiance lived two hours away! Hopefully you'll get more together time after the wedding. Oh poor puppy! My pup found a funky mushroom in the garden the other day and almost gobbled it up, frightened me beyond words!

    1. Glad you're puppy didn't get that mushroom!


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