Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been very content spending my weekends at home. Errands? Forget about it! Starbucks? Who needs it? ;)

I will admit, I did sneak out for a trip to my favorite craft shop! I picked up the cutest picture. Notice anything odd?

I've been working with my animal guide cards lately. I feel that animals have much to teach us and these cards are excellent at helping you question and realize what those lessons might be.

I've recently added to my vintage furniture collection. I picked up this adorable Danish Mod nightstand, which I have repurposed as a tv stand.

This next item was purely an impulse buy. It's a retro 1950's space heater. It's in excellent condition and works (although my Mom warned me that they were fire hazards back when they were new). I probably won't ever use it for anything other than eye candy. How could I resist?
It's teal, for crying out loud !

Next up, is a hoop chair! It's a popular spot for the felines! It's a bit smaller than what I thought it was going to be in relation to my I'm playing around with it trying to determine how up offset its diminutive status! Any ideas?

I've been reading a great book called Soul Space. I'm not very far in yet but what I have read really speaks to me! It's all about turning your home into a personal sanctuary, a place that is truly your home.

Happy Friday friends!

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  1. I'd add a giant, colorful pillow on top of it to sit on....of course, then you won't see the hoop feature as much, but might make it appear larger?

    I have a set of Medicine Cards with animal messengers, too. Lot's of things have come and gone from my bookshelf over the decades....but never those :)


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