Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm slowly becoming one of those Blythe obsessed gals. I dream of purchasing a custom Blythe (I even have her picked out)! There she is, down below, in red. I love her face, her shy expression, her hair. She reminds me of myself as a girl!

As you all know, I adore the tiny clothes and accessories. Making new outfits is fun, buying them is even better! ;)

My latest Blythe splurge is this adorable wardrobe for her clothes! Oh my!

I'm also on the waiting list for a beautiful shabby chic bed!

What are your latest addictions?


  1. Gosh< i've really nipped a lot of my addictions in the bud.....silver-plated flatware....couldn't get enough before I was married...then they tarnished and I realized they were far too high maintenanced for me....
    Um, clear stamps....used to snatch up every design I found on sale, sometimes in multiples to share with friends....still haven't opened some 2 years later so, enough of that...

    Maybe coffee...can't (and wouldn't want to) start a morning without it :)

    That little freckly face is too cute!

    1. Coffee...I agree! :)

      I should probably add buying fabric to my list. I'm like a kid in a candy store! The good news is that with my current doll dress making obsession, I only need a quarter of a yard of each I don't spend much $! :)


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