Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blather About Blythe

I am the type of person who fixates on one thing and runs with it until it burns itself out.  I've always been this way and often my obsessions are cyclical.  My obsessions typically come back around frequently.  ;)  
So yes, I'm still stuck on Blythe.  
Her armoire arrived this week.  I can't get over the detail.  Vintage wallpaper, festive scrollwork.  If only my closet were so nice!  Tiny hangers!  

The lovely etsy seller also included several extras such as this little hair clip, the books on the shelf and the mini Strawberry Shortcake figurine.   So sweet of her!  

I'm having an extra busy week as I am working 24/7 until Saturday.  Because of this, I have to miss Easter with my family (which honestly sucks, as my sister flew in from Japan for the holiday).  To console myself, I am getting this little redhead!  She is a custom Blythe doll on a Pure Neemo body. Which means that she has far more posing options than a regular Blythe body.  Check out all her bendy parts!  :)  You can even purchase different hand shapes.  Fun.  She's on layaway right now (it's so nice that some Etsy folks offer layaway on their pricier items) but I'm hoping after this long week I will be able to purchase her straight out.  

I find this set of eye chips to be a bit spooky.  She's rather zombie-ish here.  Lol.  I'm not sure why some Blythe's have these cloudy/funky eyes.  

Sleep eyes!  Yes!  

Happy Wednesday!  

Monday, March 18, 2013


I'm slowly becoming one of those Blythe obsessed gals. I dream of purchasing a custom Blythe (I even have her picked out)! There she is, down below, in red. I love her face, her shy expression, her hair. She reminds me of myself as a girl!

As you all know, I adore the tiny clothes and accessories. Making new outfits is fun, buying them is even better! ;)

My latest Blythe splurge is this adorable wardrobe for her clothes! Oh my!

I'm also on the waiting list for a beautiful shabby chic bed!

What are your latest addictions?

Blissful Weekend

Monday again? No thank you! :(.
I love weekends for the hours of opportunity to be crafty. This weekend K really got my craft on! ;)

It started Saturday. I met my best friend at an antique mall halfway between our two cities. We had a great time looking at the treasures and catching up. I was a little strapped for cash so I had to extremely limit myself. Good thing I didn't really spot any "must haves"! Other than the few items pictured below. :). That awesome flower fabric is a simply delicious retro apron that I'm currently embroidering with a saucy pin up girl! A new album, hand knitted dishcloth, and a sweet little special needs brass mouse(he's missing his tail).

After our shopping we had lunch at a little cafe where we also did some crafting. I finished the cute little owl pillowcase!

Yesterday, I was feeling really exhausted. So after my trip to the laundromat and grocery store, I headed home for some R&R! I decided Bliss needed a new dress. Yes, she had one on the way but overseas shipping takes forever and I'm not a patient gal! So I whipped up this little Spring frock for her! I finally put to use the floral fabric my sister sent me from Japan, specifically for this purpose! I think it turned out very well. I'm definitely improving!

Late last night I started knitting a dress for her as well. Although I think I need to scrap it and get smaller needles. ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Blythe Baby!

Bliss demanded to make another blog appearance! She's gearing up for Spring in her pretty outfits. She's super excited that a new dress is on its way from Singapore! Stay tuned for photos of her new frock! :)

Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been very content spending my weekends at home. Errands? Forget about it! Starbucks? Who needs it? ;)

I will admit, I did sneak out for a trip to my favorite craft shop! I picked up the cutest picture. Notice anything odd?

I've been working with my animal guide cards lately. I feel that animals have much to teach us and these cards are excellent at helping you question and realize what those lessons might be.

I've recently added to my vintage furniture collection. I picked up this adorable Danish Mod nightstand, which I have repurposed as a tv stand.

This next item was purely an impulse buy. It's a retro 1950's space heater. It's in excellent condition and works (although my Mom warned me that they were fire hazards back when they were new). I probably won't ever use it for anything other than eye candy. How could I resist?
It's teal, for crying out loud !

Next up, is a hoop chair! It's a popular spot for the felines! It's a bit smaller than what I thought it was going to be in relation to my I'm playing around with it trying to determine how up offset its diminutive status! Any ideas?

I've been reading a great book called Soul Space. I'm not very far in yet but what I have read really speaks to me! It's all about turning your home into a personal sanctuary, a place that is truly your home.

Happy Friday friends!