Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mid Week Madness

It's been so busy here at the Animal House!  Between wedding planning, house stuff, and my day to day life I haven't had much time for the things I love.  Enough of that!  It's time to remember what's important!  

I started working on the fabric banners for the wedding.  I had initially purchased this flower fabric for my bridesmaids dresses but then we went a different route with the dresses.  So now with many, many yards of the stuff I thought I'd still incorporate it into the wedding as banners!  I found this paisley eyelet lace fabric over the weekend and I knew it would be great paired with the floral!  I'm also planning on doing some burlap banners.  Fun!

Lately, I always have at least one embroidery project on hand.  This is my latest!  I love owls and this little guy is no exception.  It's hard to see in the photo, but I used a metallic floss for his eyes.  They really stand out!  

So, the Ikea table finally arrived and I finally assembled it.  I've yet to decoupage it (I'm waiting on the prints I ordered)...but in the mean time, my cats love the little cubby underneath.  I placed their cat cube in it and the kitties couldn't get enough!  :)  

Speaking of all remember Romeo?  The stray kitty I've been feeding?  I decided to have him neutered.  Sunday evening I dropped him off and picked him up Monday evening.  Because he's a stray, they ear tipped him (they cut off the tip of his's like a universal sign that he's been neutered).  Poor guy also had to have his tail shaved due to burrs.  They discovered one of the burrs caused a flesh wound and it was infected.  So then I had to pay for an antibiotic wound flea meds.  So what should have been a $42 endeavor turned into nearly $100 out of my pocket.  It's needed done.  One less cat to add to the overpopulation!  

Saw my neighbors chickens running around the neighborhood today!  Aren't they cute?  I wish they weren't so scared...I'd love to pet one!  :)  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You are an animal lover, what can you do?

    My cats never go outside and yet, I still had them's just what you do :)

    That fabric will look great as banners....of course, they woulda been gorgeous dresses, too.

    I'm sure your Blythe doll will benefit from the leftovers :)

    So wedding plans are coming along?

    1. The problem with that fabric is that they discontinued it. I bought all they had at my store but would've had to travel all over town (to 3 more stores) to get enough. Eh, not worth it! Plus finding a seamstress would've been a chore.


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