Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hard Days

It's been a really rough week for me.  Sunday night I came down with a fever and sore throat.  By Monday morning, I was in even worse shape.  I huddled in the recliner under mounds of blankets and felines just trying to stay warm.  I got progressively worse throughout the day and the next morning I went to the clinic.  Strep throat. they gave me antibiotics and a pill to stop my horrible cough.  Only the pill didn't work!  I haven't slept in days!  Yesterday my fever spiked to 104.6!!  Finally this morning I went back to the clinic.  Now I'll be taking Zpak as well as the amoxicillan and an inhaler as needed.  I hope this helps. Lack of sleep combined with this constant fever has turned me into an emotional mess.  I am crying over every little thing!  I was reading a book on totem animals and I cried.  I was watching a happy ending movie and I cried.  I looked at my dog, and you guessed it, cried!  

Anyway,  I've had next to no appetite.  I've been surviving on popsicles and frozen coffee.  Here are some things I made to entice myself (didn't work).  
Pretty potato soup and butterdips:

Homemade vegan bagels:

Lots of cuddle time with cute animals:

Lap kitty:


  1. Oh, Heather HOney!

    I'm so sorry! How awful!
    I sincerely hope you are starting to feel better...though I'm sure your furries are loving having you all to themselves :P

    Take care, Sweetie!

  2. Oh gosh a sore throat is the worst. I hope you're better now! Especially considering it took me so long to comment, hehe.


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