Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Days

I've been such a lazy bones lately.  I haven't wanted to clean my house, go anywhere, do anything.  Not sure what's gotten into me!  I've been spending a lot of time in bed just reading, watching movies, or napping.  Today I made myself get up and do something.  I reorganized my crafting corner (it was so disorganized that I haven't even wanted to attempt to use it in weeks).  I finally set up my vintage sewing machine (remember she just got repaired a few months ago...and I'm just now plugging her in...for shame)!  After clearing my work space, I felt like taking a trip to the craft store for supplies!  Look at this fantastic fabric I found!  Love it!  I'm planning to make some reusable ziplock bags out of this.  :)  

I finished another embroidered kitchen towel this week.  She's ok...but I'm not too impressed.  Just seems rather, I don't know, blah?  I thought it was a cute pattern when I bought it....but now I'm not so sure.  

I finally broke down and bought a turntable!  I love the retro color.  It's not the best one I've ever come across, but what did I expect from one that cost under a hundred?  It does a fair enough job...

Oh yes!  I immediately tracked down an unopened Dirty Dancing vinyl!  Love love love!

A recent Etsy purchase.  I'm notorious for ending up with lint covered Tylenol at the bottom of my I decided to get a pill box!  

Recent cutter quilt I came across at an antique mall.  Only $15!  It has a stain on one side, which is why it was so cheap, but that's ok.  I love that it has embroidery on it!

Last week when I opened the front door I found these two cuties!  

Just beautiful!  


  1. Hibernate mode....that's what I call it :)

    Having a freshly organized crafty space always does the trick. Maggie will have no interest in keeping her art desk clean or doing anything crafty.....until I can't stand looking at it anymore and clean it....
    I don't know how she knows the moment it's clean but it will call to her to come make things. I warn her everytime that she better start putting things away....but she never does....and I'm too lazy to harp on her.

    It's a vicious cycle...haha!

  2. I think your embroidery turned out lovely! I am sooo happy with my purchase from your shop! My little owl friend is sitting in his lovely little green cage. And wow, deer right outside your door!? Wonderful :) I thought I lived in the wilderness hehe!

    1. Yay! So glad he found a happy home with you!


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