Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nerd Alert!

I came across this fun fabric at the craft store! I'm a huge Star Trek fan...have been since I was a kid, thanks to my Dad's influence. I got the Star Wars fabric to make a gift for a friend's kid.
So I felt drawn to make a Trekkie bib first (now available on my Etsy shop).. Then I made some reusable sandwich and snack bags. Fun!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women

In my last post I mentioned my intention to decoupage a coffee table for my living room makeover.  Well the process is underway!  I spent some time this morning placing orders for the things I will need.  

Starting with this table from Ikea.  I must admit I'm kicking myself for giving away a perfectly serviceable Ikea table a few years ago, just because I was tired of it.  Oh well, this one is a bit more festive in design and I think it will look great with the teal sofa!  

Next, I had to find a source for pinup girl photos.  My first thought was calendars...but the photos would have been too large.  Then I perused Amazon for pinup girl books...but shuddered at the thought of tearing up books.  Then I came across JUNKMILL on Etsy.  Yes, Etsy has come through for me once again!  I purchased these lovely ladies!  They run small too...less than 2 inches...so perfect for my 16" wide tabletop.

Then I decided I wanted something very tongue in cheek.  That's when I saw JUNKMILL'S listing for these WWII Prostitution Propaganda Posters.  Oh....how fun!  I'm going to intersperse these in among the pinup girl photos.  My favorite is "Beware Pickpockets and Loose Women"!  

This is going to be such a fun endeavor!  Plus, under $80 for a custom made coffee table?  Priceless!  ;)
I'll be sure to post photos once it's done...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Turquoise Love

I got a new couch this weekend from my favorite vintage store. I love the color, although it means I will have to embrace a new color scheme! I'm thinking turquoise, purple and grey. I've already bought purple paint. Now I need a carpet, pillows and a coffee table. I found a perfect coffee table on Etsy, decoupaged with vintage pin up girl photos! Love it but it's WAY out of my price range. I'm thinking of getting a cheap Ikea table and making one myself.

As you can see, my kitties love the new sofa! We spent most of yesterday snuggling on it!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Days

I've been such a lazy bones lately.  I haven't wanted to clean my house, go anywhere, do anything.  Not sure what's gotten into me!  I've been spending a lot of time in bed just reading, watching movies, or napping.  Today I made myself get up and do something.  I reorganized my crafting corner (it was so disorganized that I haven't even wanted to attempt to use it in weeks).  I finally set up my vintage sewing machine (remember she just got repaired a few months ago...and I'm just now plugging her in...for shame)!  After clearing my work space, I felt like taking a trip to the craft store for supplies!  Look at this fantastic fabric I found!  Love it!  I'm planning to make some reusable ziplock bags out of this.  :)  

I finished another embroidered kitchen towel this week.  She's ok...but I'm not too impressed.  Just seems rather, I don't know, blah?  I thought it was a cute pattern when I bought it....but now I'm not so sure.  

I finally broke down and bought a turntable!  I love the retro color.  It's not the best one I've ever come across, but what did I expect from one that cost under a hundred?  It does a fair enough job...

Oh yes!  I immediately tracked down an unopened Dirty Dancing vinyl!  Love love love!

A recent Etsy purchase.  I'm notorious for ending up with lint covered Tylenol at the bottom of my purse...so I decided to get a pill box!  

Recent cutter quilt I came across at an antique mall.  Only $15!  It has a stain on one side, which is why it was so cheap, but that's ok.  I love that it has embroidery on it!

Last week when I opened the front door I found these two cuties!  

Just beautiful!