Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week In Review

Everything's always hectic this time of year, isn't it? I've been trying to slow down and take it easy the past few days because I've come down with a nasty cold. I spent most of yesterday in bed, indulging in a movie marathon in between naps and embroidering!

Check out this festive '70's bedspread I found at the thrift store. It's a Bates bedspread, which apparently has quite the history. I love the retro colors and the fabulous texture!

I got that lovely little owl ornament from my dear friend Cameron, over at Paint Myself Pretty. What a wonderful gift! I know I will cherish it and think of her every year when I put it on my tree.

Zoe got a new-to-her dog bed from the thrift store. I love the skeleton's very 'Day Of The Dead' looking. Zoe actually looks a little frightened of her new bed, doesn't she?!! Lol.

I finished the pinup girl pillowcase set! They are for sale in my Etsy shop!

Persephone loves spending one on one time with me in my bedroom. She gets so excited when I let her come in (my bedroom is usually a cat free zone). She's just too sweet to deny! :)

We got snow! I'm not a big fan. I enjoy it if I don't have to drive in it...but that rarely happens. So typically I spend the entire winter dreading the white stuff!

I made some interesting ornaments this week. You blow up a balloon and then wrap glue soaked yarn around it. Sprinkle with glitter and allow to dry. The next day you pop the balloon and pull it out..,leaving you with a delicate sparkly ornament. Fun to do with kids but oh so messy!! ;)

I finally finished my BFF's gift! We agreed to make one embroidered gift to go along with our regular store bought gifts. I chose to make this Ryan Berkley cat wearing her Sunday best! I love how she turned out! Here's hoping my BFF doesn't see this blog post before tomorrow!! ;).

Happy Holidays!


  1. I hope you are finally feeling better!I love the pin up girls and the kitty you did.
    It's been a haze of wrapping paper, baked goods and movie fests around here....haha!

    Did you get that email of wedding favor ideas? I forget if I changed to your correct email address...I can be so forgetful when I'm excitedly rambling on about something :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Here's to an exciting 2013 ahead!!

    Big hugs,

  2. What an amazing stitched kitty cat! Beautiful! I love snow :) I can't of have to living where I do, or I'd go mad. Studded tires make driving not so stressful though :)


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