Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sew What?

Rain, rain go away!  
I don't mind the rain, honest.  As long as I can stay snug indoors (and dry)!  I'm very cat-like when it comes to rain.  
Speaking of cats, do you remember Romeo?  He's a stray that's been hanging around for years.  Recently he finally let me pet him! Now he's my buddy.  I feed him, love him, and occasionally even bring him indoors.  Today was one of those days.  When he saw me emerge from the house this morning, he came rushing out from under my car.  As soon as he felt the rain on his back, back under the car he went!  I scooped him up and brought him indoors.  He's not a big fan of being inside but he tolerates it for short periods.  
Such a sweetheart.  He gives me kitty hugs when I hold him.  He puts one paw on each side of my neck and nuzzles me.  I just love him so!  

I've been taking advantage of this rainy day by staying in for as long as possible and crafting.  I must admit, it was a rocky start!  I messed up two Blythe dresses before I finally got this one right.  I've made so many of these dresses that it should be second nature to whip one out perfectly.  Weird!  
Oh well, I think this one is cute!  

Last night, I made  another stuffed animal.  This one is definitely an owl.  No crazy hybrids here!  ;)  

Meet Woody!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Romeo is such a handsome boy!

    ...and Woody! I love his bark fabric body...hence the name, eh? Haha! Love it!

  2. The owl is so cool! Beautiful work :) And lovely kitten! (I call all cats kittens whether or not they really are :))


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