Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day To Day...

It's been a long couple of days.  Funny how when you are super busy, you crave down time and when you have down time, you crave something to keep you busy.  Or is that just me?  :)  
I've been doing my best to stay occupied.  I finally got my vintage typewriter out of storage and made a place for it on my adorable little teal bookshelf.  It makes me happy every time I see it!  

This is Lola's chair.  She has claimed it.  She sits on it, sleeps on it, lounges on it.  No one else may sit there (except occasionally she'll share it with a cat or two)!  

Picard is growing up!  No more tiny kitten!  :(  
He's a super sweet boy although I think he's part vampire.  He chews on my fingers to the point of hurting me.  Little weirdo!

I had to relocate my mantel.  It used to sit over the gas heater  in my living room.  But I noticed that it was super heating up the wood and it even singed the pine bough.  So I figured better safe than sorry!  So now it's sitting on the opposite wall.  Right now I just have a framed picture propped up where the fire would be (if this were an actual mantel/fireplace).  I'm thinking of getting one of those vintage non functioning heaters and filling it with lights (as seen in the second picture down).  Or possibly buying a piece of wood and painting it with chalkboard paint.  Then you can draw a fire (or anything else that strikes your fancy) and insert it into the space.  Decisions, decisions!  

Notice my cute little stocking I made for the fur kids?  Upcycled from one of my old sweaters!  I've got to make some of these for the shop for next Christmas!  

I made a vegan lasagna last night for dinner.  It's got basil tofu "ricotta" and tons of broccoli.  Also homemade marinara.  Next time I will make a double batch of the sauce, as it was a bit dry.  Despite that, it was still yumtastic!  

I finished one of my latest embroidered pillowcases.  The pinup girl!  I'm about halfway done with the matching case.  Thankfully, these aren't taking as long as the deer ones!  :)  

How did you keep busy this weekend?  


  1. Picard is so cute! It's insane how quickly cats grow up. Sometimes I wish they stayed kittens forever.


  2. Lovely to see what you've been up to! And also lovely to see Maria peeking out from your bookshelf :) I adore the idea to put a piece of wood painted with chalkboard paint in the fireplace. Great idea! The lasagna looks so delicious. Have you ever made an alfredo sauce with cashews? That was an interesting idea I tried once. It actually turned out pretty good!

    1. I have made Alfredo with cashews! So yummy!

  3. That mantel of yours is is the stocking! I'm really smitten for doilies lately :)

    Sally is still a biter, but then she'll get all cuddly and rub all over you...and you just can't help but forgive her for the punctures.

    The pin-up is great! Looks like fun, too :)


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