Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kitchen Diva

Having a few days off always puts me in the mood to cook!  I've spent much of this week baking up apple goodies (trying to use 20 lbs of apples before they go bad)!  Last night though, I got a hankering (do people actually use this word anymore???) for some old school chili cheese fries.  I used to spend my college summers working at Cedar Point (amusement park here in Ohio) and I was absolutely addicted to their chili cheese fries!  I know that there are recipes out there for duplicating the Velveeta like cheesey goodness but I lacked the ingredients and the time.  So instead I took the lazy vegan's way out and used Daiya shreds, Toffuti sour cream, frozen french fries, and a can of veggie chili!  I know it would've tasted ten times better if I had taken the time to make my own chili....but ya know, it wasn't half bad this way!  

I figured if I was going to eat American junk food for dinner, I should follow it up with a scrumptious dessert.  Right?  So I whipped out the So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean ice cream and topped it with this lovely vegan chocolate syrup.  Totally reminiscent of my childhood Sundaes...only cruelty free!  :)  

This morning I woke up wanting waffles.  Is there anything better than homemade waffles?  I think not.  
I decided to put some more of our apple booty to work here.  
Apple Cinnamon Waffles....mmmmmm.....
I used Isa Chandra Moskowitz's awesome recipe.  You can find it here...but I substituted apple cider for apple juice (hey, use what you have).  
De-lish!  I ate one of these bad boys and was full.  I froze the rest so I can enjoy them later.  

What have you been eating lately?  


  1. You're fabulous with your vegan recipes! We haven't got many options for vegans around here, and every vegan recipe I've tried has failed pretty badly (my fault, not the recipe's). Everything looks so good! Chili cheese fries, well I ate that last night :) How coincidental. I'm not much of a cook lately, but I'm making some Pillsbury Halloween Jack O' Lantern cookies for people at school tomorrow! I'm so glad to be back to blogging, thanks so much for your sweetness concerning my hiatus.

    1. I am lucky to live in a city that makes being vegan so easy. Glad to see youre back!!

  2. Now you have made me extremely hungry. I am off going to have a look what is in the fridge and I am having chillie,cheesy chips tonight! Yum yum!

  3. We are going up to Apple Country the 1st weekend in November....I'm certainly looking forward to a few apple-y temptations myself!

    Your waffle woulda had me breaking my no carb rule if it were in front of me...haha!

  4. mmm, cheese fries. classic american junk food. i recently discovered the joys of melted cheese on potato chips (don't judge!) :P x

    1. I used to love melting cheese over nachos! ;)

  5. Hello, Dear! I've just found your lovely nice to meet you!
    I'm now following you, as well ~ ♥


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