Monday, October 1, 2012

Blissful Weekend

Sorry I've been MIA friends...
My Mom came for a visit this weekend!  We had a jam packed couple of days starting with antiquing in Hocking Hills.  It's one of my favorite places for finding vintage goodies!

Mom found this set of six OLD Louisa May Alcott novels (including my most favorite childhood book: Little Women) for only $25!  I have a "thing" for old books so of course these beauties had to come home with me!

I also picked up this super cool vintage scale.  I'm not really sure why...I just think it's cute and looks adorable in my kitchen!  ;)  

When we got back to Columbus we had a super yummy Indian lunch and then headed out for apple picking!  We got 20 lbs of apples...oh my!  I have been giving my oven quite the workout the past few days.  So far I've made apple crisp and apple pie crumb cake muffins (divine!).  

Oops!  Almost forgot that I picked up this copy of The Velveteen Rabbit while at the antique mall.  Not what I'd consider vintage but it was only $2 and I love this story!  I was reading an excerpt to Mom in the middle of the store and I got choked up.  Haha!  She told me I wasn't aloud to read children's books to her anymore if they were going to make me cry.  Just wait til I whip out The Giving Tree!  Hehehehe....

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed out for my ukulele lesson.  Wow.  The uke.  I've been putting in a lot of practice time but I feel I'm not progressing as fast as I'd like.  I guess I'm impatient like that.  My instructor said that I was definitely making progress...that he can hear the improvement every week.  Here's hoping he's not just saying that to make me feel better!  

After that, we headed to the zoo.  We were pretty excited to see the 3 month old baby Amul tiger cubs.  They were sooooo adorable!  Very playful!  I couldn't get very good photos from my vantage point but check out the awesome one from the zoo's website down below...

We visited the petting farm for some hands on animal love.  Mom fell for this charismatic fellow.  He was blissed out when she started rubbing his ears!  

This gal was hiding under a bench.  Cute.  :)  

We just had to visit the Australia portion of the zoo.  I love seeing the kangaroo's!  This little girl was only two years old.  Her name is Caroline.  What a sweetie!  

We stopped by the lorikeet exhibit so we can feed them some nectar.  I got bit twice!!  

I dragged Mom onto the carousel.  She had fun!  

We saw so many other funny the gorilla who kept picking his nose and then eating it!  Or the bonobo that peed all over his playground.  
Saw some sad stuff the bobcat that just kept pacing and pacing...and then he stopped right in front of us and meowed pathetically.  :(  

Today we went back to the antique mall where we were meeting my Dad.  We saw some pretty neat stuff like these old doors that they made into a folding screen.  Love it!  

My Mom is a big fan of the faux fireplace.  You take an old mantel and put an old heater in front of it.  Pile a strand of blinking lights in the heater and ta-da...instant ambience (but no heat)!  

I couldn't resist this upcycled screen door cabinet!  Someone used old wood, a door, and a vintage latch to make this cute little cubby. I brought it home with me and put it in my bathroom.  It's now filled with towels.  Perfect!  
I'm going to do some decorating on the top eventually...but for now this will have to do.  

A peek inside...

My sweet kitty Tibet has been a lap cat all afternoon.  I love this cat more than anything or anyone.  I know that sounds weird but he is my best friend.  

One last kitty shot!  I couldn't resist.  Spike and Sheldon are snuggle buddies.  They make my heart melt!!!  

Hope you all are having a wonderful October 1st!  :)  

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  1. Wow...lot's of fun you've been having! I don't know where to begin....but that last picture is adorable! I wish Sally and Button would get along well enough to do that. Mischief (she's gone now) and Button used to be those kinds of kitties. Maybe Button still misses her?

    ....more baked apple goodness....yummmmmm!


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