Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week In Review

Another weekend is finally here!  Sigh of relief!  :)  This week has been a bit crazy.  On Wednesday, my drivers side window decided that it wasn't going to roll back up.  Not good...especially since it's been raining for days!  The other bad thing is that Subaru's don't have the frame around the window like most cars.  So taping plastic over it is impossible (unless you choose not to use the door).  Which is what I had to do!  Getting in and out of the passenger side was not fun (and definitely not a pretty sight)!  :)  
I took Stella (my car) in to the shop today.  They managed to get the window back up and they are ordering the part to fix the problem.  Whew!  The good news is that I went to a new shop (thanks to the advice of a friend).  They charged me half of what my regular shop was going to!  Yay for a bargain.  

After my super early appointment this morning, I headed over to my favorite thrift store.  I came away with 2 sweaters, a pretty t-shirt, a comfy pair of sweats, a few shirts for my Mom, some socks, a purse, pillow shams, vintage sheets,and a super awesome vintage cooking pot!  

After that I made a (not so) quick stop at the fabric store.  I found so many cute prints that I just had to take home.  ;)  
I also bought the fabric for my bridesmaids dresses.  Kind of had to, as I just found out they are discontinuing it!  

Here are some pictures from my week...

1.  Ukulele Practice!  

2.  Comforting Potato Soup and Butter Dips.

3.  My baby Picard.  

4.  My old man cat Tibet.

5.  Yummy Pizza!

6.  Baby Sheldon (he's growing up!  look at that chunky tummy!)

7.  Took pics of my latest fabric banner...for the shop.  

8.  Baking bread (and rolls...and banana bread...and pizza dough)!  

9.  The Peace Tree (found on a hike).  

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!!  Happy Autumn!  

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  1. My mom loves her Subaru....and I guess I never thought about how it doesn't have that frame around the window before! Wow, what a pain that was for you!

    Love a good day of Thrifting....sounds like you got some great deals!
    Can't wait to see what the fabric is for your Bridesmaids dresses!


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