Sunday, September 9, 2012


Yesterday I came home to find the loveliest package waiting for me from Miss Cameron over at Paint Myself Pretty.  It was the Mermaid Swap!  
I made myself wait to open it as a reward for getting my housework done.  :)  
When I finally did, I found so many cute treasures!  

I adore this painting entitled "Best Friends".  The dolphins happy little face makes my heart smile!  :)  Cameron is just the nicest, most talented lady around.  You should definitely check out her super cute Etsy store!  

I've been really enjoying this cooler weekend.  With temps in the low 70's during the day, I have really been given a lovely preview of autumn.  My favorite time of year!  There's nothing like throwing  open the windows and letting the cool breeze fill your home with the scent of crisp autumn leaves and late night bonfires while you cuddle under a vintage quilt with your favorite purry cat!

  My urge to bake increases as the weather cools.  Last night I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies.  I whipped out all my supplies only to find my Ener-G egg replacer had a pantry moth in it.  Yuck!  So online I went to track down a vegan cookie recipe that didn't call for egg replacer.  I'm typically leary of random internet recipes this one had tons of positive reviews so I thought it was worth a shot.  

Instead of using egg replacer, the recipe called for flax seed!  I love it!  So not only do you get to chow down on yummy cookies but you also get a nice dose of omega-3's!  

I'm feeling a little bit disappointed with this weekend for one reason only.  My super awesome vintage Singer decided to stop working!!!  Something's up with the self winding's not winding. Bah! I had several projects I needed to work on and obviously that's not going to happen.  I did however find a Singer repair shop downtown...although they aren't open so I have to wait!  I'm seriously thinking about buying a new machine to use as my back up now and in future incidents like this.  Although I dislike the thought of sewing on a modern machine (my Singer Futura II rocks like it's no one's business) I just can't stand to be sewing machine-less for who knows how long!  

See?  Even Picard loves the Singer!  ;)

Last week I found the tiniest little wooly bear caterpillar in my yard!  He was a shy guy...curled up in a defensive ball for the longest time before he finally felt comfortable enough to start crawling on me!  I've loved these cute little caterpillars ever since I was a small girl.  :)  I remember sneaking them into the house where I would have a caterpillar  circus (wooly bears are the best jump rope tight rope walkers)!  :)  

I'm currently lusting after these vintage wicker plant stands.  I want one sooooo bad!  My great grandmother used to have one that sat on her porch so many years ago.  I don't know why but I just always loved it!  She had a green thumb so it was always full of lovely plants spilling over the edges.  I don't have a covered porch like she did (lucky Mimi with her wrap around covered porch and porch swings!) so I want to use mine in my bedroom underneath the window!  

Remember these babies?  Sunshine and Picard:  

They are growing up way too fast!  

They have an appt this week for their spay and neuter surgeries.  Poor little kids!!!  :(  

Hope you all have an awesome Sunday!  


  1. Shucks, Heather....thanks for the kind words :)
    I'm glad to know you, too!

    I know what you mean about little kitties growing up too fast. Sally turns 1 on October 25th....and yes, we are having a birthday party for her....haha!

    1. I hope you plan on blogging about that party! Sounds purr-fect! :)


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