Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simple Beauty

Yesterday was such a pretty day!  The twins and I played at the park for hours.  I love love love the color of this weed/flower (not sure what it is, but it is beautiful)!  

The sky was the most amazing deep blue!  So pretty.  

Not sure what today has in store.  I had to drop the kittens off at the vet this morning.  Some of those forms they make you sign are pretty scary!  I had to give permission for them to perform CPR or even open chest CPR if needed.  Yikes!  Fingers crossed my babies will come through without incident.  

Have a lovely day, friends!  :)  


  1. This is a different Vet, right? Not that one from before.

    I want to say that flower is called Astilbe. They remind me of feathers.

    Hope it was a good day :D

    1. Yes, a different vet. I typically use this vet for spays/neuters b/c their rates are exceptionally low. I got 3 kitties spayed/neutered, pain meds, vaccines, antibiotics for Sheldon and ear mite meds for Sheldon...all for under $130! Nice. :)


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