Monday, September 3, 2012

Big News

Happy Labor Day!  
I've been enjoying my 3 day weekend!  Saturday, I came across this bit of silliness at the store.  I can't imagine that it actually works...but boy if it did, I'd be the happiest cat Mom ever!  ;)

I visited one of my favorite antique malls today.  I spent a few minutes chatting with the lady who owns the booth where I purchase most of my vintage linens.  She gave me a huge discount on this lovely piece of embroidery!  I'm so happy with it.  Now I just need to find a frame to fit!  

My happy find of the day was this quilt!  It's in need of a few repairs but I got it for $10!!!  Hello bargain!  I've seen cutter quilts  in MUCH worse shape for way more money.  So score!  

I finally snapped up this vintage metal clothes hamper!  I've had my eye on it for the better part of a year.  This time it was on sale...marked down to $7!  

Happy sunflower...other than the daisy, this is my fave flower!

I met P in Hocking Hills today for antiquing, a picnic, and hiking.  We headed down to see Cedar Falls (which is a beautiful waterfall if there's actually been enough rain).  On the way down the rather rugged path we stopped on top of this huge rock and took in the view below us.  And then P proposed!  

It wasn't a surprise, we've been discussing the possibility of tying the knot for a few months now.  So it is now official and I can finally share it with you all!  

For now, we are using this ring (it was his mother's engagement ring and came all the way from Thailand).  Very pretty!!

This is the engagement ring and wedding band that we are having custom made by Bandscapes on Etsy.

This ring is so totally me. I love the detail!  I love that it will remind me of trees every time I look at it (I'm a real life tree hugger, folks!).  



  1. omg, i LOVE how you're having your wedding band made to reflect pieces of you! :)


  2. HEATHER!!! OMG!!!
    Congratulations!! Hooray!! I am so happy for you!! I wish I were there....I would be hugging you nonstop....and giggling like a school girl....heeheehee!!!

    I'm thrilled for you, Hun!! ...and that ring?! I am sooooooo jealous! If I had it to do over again....yep, you and me gots the same tree lovin' gene :)

    Love you!! So excited for you!!
    Can you tell?! Haha!!


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