Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend In The Hills

This weekend Pat, my sister and I stayed in a cabin in Hocking Hills.  It was such a relaxing end to my time off from work.  I arrived at the cabin 4 hours before they did so that I could get started on dinner.  I made some homemade pizza dough (which took several hours..thanks to  While I was waiting I explored the area with the dogs.  In front of the cabin there was a lovely rippling creek.  Beside the cabin was an empty field chock full of the most amazing butterflies!  Everything was so peaceful and calm.  Such a nice break to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  
Kelly and Pat arrived later that evening and we enjoyed a yummy dinner of vegan Hawaiian style pizza (hello "burger" crumbles and pineapple!) and watched a movie before calling it a night.  

The next morning I whipped up a sun dried tomato and asparagus tofu frittata and some old fashioned baking powder biscuits for breakfast...then we headed off to explore.  Our first stop was at a local diner for COFFEE!  Yes, I'm an addict.  It was really hard to give up Starbucks for the weekend.  ;)  
After that we went to Rock House.  The Rock House has a history which you can read more about here.  Native Americans used it at one point.  Even bandits thought it made a great hide out!  Here you can see K next  to the sign which leads down a long trail to the Rock House.  

Lots and lots of steps.  We got quite the workout!  

K found a red leaf.  We thought it was cool enough to snap a picture!  Lol.  

There were several places where you could stand on a cliff and look into the valley below.  Pat was super brave (or stupid...depending on your view) and got VERY close to the edge.  I stayed way back. I've been way too much of a klutz lately to risk it.  Lol.  Did I tell you all that I fell down the stairs the last time we stayed in this cabin?  I'm pretty sure my finger's broke...seeing as how it hurts and is still swollen a month and a half later!!!  

Here we are taking a well deserved break!  ;)  

We finally made it to Rock House!  I couldn't get a good picture of the exterior b/c we had the rock house on  one side and a cliff on the other.  I did get some cool shots inside the cave though!  

Many of my shots came out too dark...but I found this one can see what a neat place this cave is!

After the hike back to the car, I'm ashamed to say we were pretty wiped out...not too mention HOT.  The humidity was crazy that day.  We headed back to the cabin so I could make a late lunch...yummy tamarind rice!

They rested outside while I finished up our lunch.  ;)  You can Zoe in the pic...she just loves going on cabin trips!  

P and I took a walk that evening.  Next door (keep in mind we were in the country so next door is like a half mile away) we met a friendly horse named Gunner.  A neighbor who happened to be driving by stopped to tell me all about Gunner, including his sweet tooth!  She gave me a peppermint to entice Gunner to the fence.  When I crinkled that wrapper, Gunner came running!!!  I fed him his treat and now I have a friend for life.  Lol.  He nuzzled me, played with my hair, "kissed" me, and even attempted to get fresh with me by sticking his nose down my shirt in the hopes I had some hidden candy in there!!!  Silly horse friend!  

We said goodbye to Gunner and continued on our way to the creek.  It was just lovely!  I immediately waded into the water and watched the little (and not so little) fish swim all around me.  Such a magical moment.  

I chose several special stones to take with me as a memento of our time in the country.  Pat even found a fossil!  

This morning I woke early to make homemade english muffins and I found this beauty in the dog's food bowl!  Pretty sure it's a wolf spider...but I could be wrong.  We put him outside so he could go on his merry way.  

That about sums up my weekend.  What did you do with yours?  :)  


  1. Thats one ugly buggabo. Happyyou let him go on. Sounds like everyone had a ball

    1. I like wolf spiders. I used to find them all over my backyard! Just glad I never got bit by one. Ouch!

  2. What a wonderful trip....much better than the last time you were there!

    Oh, how that Gunnar would have stolen my heart...such a cutie!!

    That cave is just awesome, too :)

    1. Yes, Gunner was my favorite part of the whole weekend! :) I can't wait to see him again.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time, i have been collecting river rocks also!


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