Saturday, August 25, 2012

I heart weekends!

I started out my day with a hair appointment at my fave salon.  I got   quite a bit of the length taken off as well as lots of layers added in.  I haven't had a chance to play with it or use any product (sea salt spray was suggested...I love that stuff).  You can see that this cut brings out my natural wave.  I fight against my wave every single day armed only with a straightening iron and the sheer force of my will.  
The madness has to stop.  Especially in the summer months, when using the iron makes me feel sweaty and gross!  Hence, this new 'do!  

After the appt. I treated myself to a vegan lunch of hummus, pita and veggies.  Yummy!  I took an awesome picture of it but apparently my phone ate the pic b/c I can't find it!  Weird, right?  

Down the street from the restaurant is an awesome little Indie craft store that I've mentioned here before.  I stopped in and found a spoon ring!  I've been looking for one of these ever since I lost the one I had as a teen.  I was discouraged after checking out prices on Etsy...the ones I really liked where over $70!  Too pricey for my blood.  I found this one for $20.  :)  I love the tarnished and worn appearance!  

I've had my eye on this pillow for quite some time.  I always talk myself out of it.  Til today, that is!  Vintage fabric and then a festive  basket of flowers...I'm not sure if that's crewel work or something else?  Whatever it is, I love the vibe!  

I came home to find two packages in the mail!  Yay.  :)  First up, patterns for a Blythe wardrobe.  This should keep me busy!  

I also got a ton (and by ton I mean 24) vintage hankies!  I love hankies.  I'm rather sad that they are no longer the norm.  I think they are so beautiful.  I plan on stitching them together to create curtains for my bedroom (once I've collected enough, that is).  ;)  

One of my faves is this child's hankie!  So adorable and tiny!  :)  

Happy Saturday, friends!  


  1. Love days of relaxation and indulgence! Love the new 'do and great finds! I bet the spoon ring looks great on you!

  2. I LOVE all your treasures. You'd be so much fun to shop with. Everything you have here is something I would and have bought. I have two of those rings and a cuff. I also collect hankies and wish they were used more also. I love your cutine idea. AND that pillow is so groovy!


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