Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Day To Call My Own

Ever have a day that you think wont amount to much?  Either you feel too lazy or you just have too much going on to be productive?  Well that's exactly the kind of day that I thought I would be facing. However, the universe intervened and I have had a simply amazing day!  Nothing exciting happened...just a beautiful, peaceful, sort of day filled with things that I love doing.  :)  

I finally tackled a project that has been on my list for weeks:  the front porch.  It looked sadly neglected and was covered in leaves and other tree debris.  The chairs had COBWEBS on them...just goes to show how much I sit outside lately.  Lol.  So I got out my trusty broom and got busy!  I rearranged the porch furniture and brought out some potted plants for some visual interest.
Now I might actually use my porch again (but only if the mosquitoes leave me be...those things HURT)!  

I also had time to work in my garden and flowerbeds.  This is one of my favorite spots in the yard.  This little bed is under a huge pine tree.  I love the colorful plants and the little bird baths!  I need to remember to put some water out for the birds.  I saw some robins in the yard staring at me and their beaks were hanging open.  Is that the bird version of panting?  

This morning I met a friend for coffee and crafting.  I finished a cute set of camping themed pillowcases today!  I just love Sublime Stitching patterns.  So festive and fun!

The friend I just mentioned made me the most comfortable knitted socks ever!  I love everything about these socks from the bold color to the incredible softness.  Thanks J!  :)  

Well I sure hope you all had a great holiday!  


  1. What a lovely twist of glad you had a delightful day!

    That pillow case is adorable, btw!


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