Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crafting + Thrifting = One Happy Girl!

Hey there!  I've been MIA for far too long.  Sometimes life (and by life I mean work) gets in the way!  I'm sure you know how it is.  :)  

Last night I made this little doll.  Something different from my usual crafty endeavors.  She was fun to make.  It was interesting to watch her personality emerge as I embroidered her face.  :)  

I've been working with embroidery a lot lately.  I recently became licensed to sell the things I make using Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns.  Yay!  Here's one of their patterns...part of a pin-up girl series.  I'm stitching this beauty on a dishtowel!  

I found this adorable little case for organizing embroidery floss.  I love love love it.  Sure beats my old method of throwing them all in a bag and ending up with a giant tangled mass of floss!

I scored some awesome finds at the thrift store this week.  I've actually had my eye on this set of pots for months now!  I finally broke down and got them.  So retro-licious!  

I absolutely could not resist this cutie.  It's so unique!  

For some reason I've been longing for autumn.  Maybe it's the horrible steamy weather we've had lately?  Whatever the reason, I just had to bake a vegan pumpkin pie!!  :)  Yum.  

I've been frequenting the Farmer's Market weekly and treating myself to lovely bouquets.  There's this one lady who sells the most delightful flower arrangements.  Not only are they beautiful they also last an entire week!  

A few weeks ago I found this festive little owl candle at the thrift store.  Of course, he had to come live with me.  ;)  

More thrifty finds...dishtowels, embroidery hoop, holiday cards and a folding rack.  

I saved the best for last!  I've been wanting one of these mod plant stands for years!  I've never been lucky enough to stumble across one until now.  If you consider "stumbling" to mean actively scouring the internet until you track down what seems to be the only one in existence and then paying WAY too much for it!  Whatever.  It's my baby now!!!  ;)

How have you been?  

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  1. Been busy, too....and when I say busy, I mean family stuff :)

    Yay! I'm thrilled you'll be able to sell those embroidered lovlies now....I bet they will be popular in your shop!

    I still use the "toss the floss in a box" method of is a pain, but, I'm lazy....what can I say....haha!

    Love the cool retro finds!

    Hugs <3


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