Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amish Country

1.  Carriage Ride with Buddy the Horse.

2.  My lovely Mom and Sister

 3.  Shopping!!!  Sadly my search for a vintage wooden dollhouse must continue...
 4.  Pretty view 
 5.  A ceiling made of old doors.  Pretty neat.  Saw this in a restaurant.  
 6.  The Berlin Wall in Amish country.  Who would have guessed?  ;)  
7.  Amish doll and quilt

 8. Amish Dresses
 9.  Amish pantry.  I'm so jealous.  I want a pantry!!  
 10.  Old Amish house
 11.  Lots of cats and kittens running around Amish country.  Pretty sure they don't bother to spay and neuter them.  We saw several females in heat!  
12.  Petting zoo. We bought food for them and I got attacked!  Goats jumping up on me and putting their hooves on my shoulders.  It was strange.  
13.  Meet Evil Goat.  Evil Goat was persistent in his quest for my bag of food.  He jumped on me multiple times, trampled my flip flop clad foot (painful!)  and even head butted me. I couldn't get away from him quick enough!  Lol.  

14.  Another cute but feral kitten.  :)  

Overall it was a fun, although too short, visit to Amish country.  It was my Mom's first time.  I think I'll have to take her back this fall and possibly spend the entire weekend.  Although we would starve.  Amish country is NOT vegan friendly!!!  ;)  


  1. I love Amish country! I was gonna ask though what in the world you'd eat there. lol. It's so beautiful there and so much talent!
    Did you go to the flea market?


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