Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Sad Day

This morning I had to say goodbye to my sweet little girl, Camille.  When I got home late last night she seemed to be having difficulty catching her breath and was very uncomfortable in general.  I tried to make her as comfortable as possible and left a message with my vet.  This morning I took her to the vet and got the bad news.  The vet started throwing words around like FIP and that it was likely Camille's story wouldn't end well no matter what we did.  She said that we could drain her lungs but not only would I be looking at a several thousand dollar bill she probably wouldn't survive it anyways.  
So I did what I thought was best and told the vet we would put her to sleep.  No matter how many times I've gone through this, it just doesn't get any easier.  

Camille was a very special girl and she came into my life in a very special way.  She was born to a feral mama cat that lived in my neighborhood.  I saw little fluffy Camille and knew that I wanted her.  Although she was just a tiny kitten she was already half feral.  I caught her in a butterfly net!  I'm not kidding.  A butterfly net.  Lol.  I laugh about that now.  How many people can say their cat came into their life in such an interesting way?  

She's always been a small girl.  Only weighing around five pounds.  I've always called her my sweet petite mon ami.  Lol.  She really was sweet too.  A perfect kitty.  

Goodbye my sweet tiny girl.  I love you.  


  1. I am so sorry Heather :( We just lost our Mr. Freddy about a month and a half ago. It hurts so much, they are just so sweet. We found him in an odd way too. My dad owns metal recycling yards, the workers found him in the truck of an old Ford Tempo. How terrible is that?

  2. I am so sorry, Heather.
    She was a beautiful girl.


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