Saturday, June 23, 2012


My breakfast nook has needed new curtains for some time now.  I keep looking when I'm out shopping and thrifting, but no luck!  Finally I decided to just make my own.  I found a queen size sheet at the store and constructed these.  My favorite part is the ball fringe!  :)  It also has Ruby's seal of approval.  Lol.  See her sniffing the curtains?  

Cute little sign I picked up for less than two bucks!  Precious!  

Finally got my awesome yard sale find (the vintage plastic wrap dispenser) installed by the fabulous Big P!  

I bought this adorable round picnic table from a good friend of mine.  I'm picturing myself writing in my journal at this table with my lazy dog by my side!  :)  

Random picture of one of my favorite lampshades...

The kittens are growing!  Does anyone know of a magical way to keep them tiny forever???  I love them so!  They are super affectionate and sweet.  Picard recently joined the "climb mommy's leg" club.   I don't know why kittens do this...but I have many scars b/c of it!  

So something weird happened last Sunday.  I was sitting in my bedroom watching tv when I heard a very loud cry coming from the woods beside my house.  I threw on some jeans and boots and braved the oncoming thunderstorm and ran into the woods.  After some stumbling around I came across this teeny tiny baby boy.  He was obviously distressed and still crying loudly.  I knelt down and he ran to me.  I picked him up and carried him home.  He's a small baby...I'm estimating he's 4-5 weeks old.  He's adjusted to life without his Mama (I do wonder what happened to her) although he tries to "nurse" from my fingers!  Poor little man!  He doesn't have a name yet...nothing sticks.  It will come to me eventually.  :)  

Happy Weekend!  


  1. OMG POOR BABY! Same thing happened to us a couple of years ago, a little baby like that crying at our back door. He definitely found the right house to come to, in both yours and my situations. Someone told me their mamas can hear them from like 6 miles away, so it's so sad when they are still alone and all :(

    On a more cheerful note, love the curtains, and the new acquirements. So adorable and retro.

    1. Yes, he was extremely loud! I heard him over the television set and he was way out in the woods...not close to the house at all!

  2. I'm so glad you rescued this little guy. He is adorable!

    Great job on the curtains and I really like the owl sign.


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