Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello all!  It's been far too long.  So much has been going on lately that I haven't had a spare moment to blog (combined with the fact that I misplaced my camera charger and have been unable to take pictures)!  
So a quick catch up, shall we?  
First of all, I have very exciting news but I'm not at liberty to tell you all yet!  So for now I will keep my juicy little secret.  ;)  Don't worry, I wont make you wait too long!  
Next?  I started a new job. Not the most exciting news ever but I am now better off financially then I was before (whew!).   Still a nanny but this time it's for twin boys.  Let me just state this now.  All of you parents of multiples:  you rock!  Twins are a handful!  :)  Fun, silly, and exhausting!  
I don't have any new pics to share  b/c of the camera situation (although I did find my charger this morning, so new photos will be here soon...I have so much to share).  Let me leave you with some little nature tidbits...