Saturday, March 3, 2012

Upcycled Business Card Holder

I received my business cards in the mail yesterday!  I was pretty excited until I realized I didn't have anything to carry them in.  That's when I googled for DIY business card ideas and came across this one:  

Here's my version!  I had to actually go buy some Altoids because I don't eat them (not vegan...but my Dad will eat them so they don't go to waste).  

It's a cute, simple little craft...

I'm such a fan of little tin cans.  I want to explore other crafts that use altoid tins.  Maybe portable shrines?  

Oh, and here is my business card!  I love the little deer.  :)  

Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Such a very cool Idea! I have altered the tins as well. Mini shrines are fun to do. I have several.

  2. Those are adorable!! I love the mushy and the sweet little deer! Too cute, Heather!

    I wish I would've known you needed a tin. I've been saving them for years....and haven't done anything with them yet!
    I love the idea of carrying business cards in them. I've been making mine postcard sized, though....I'd need a giant's tin....haha!

    1. It was a bit of a spur of the moment craft! :) But if you are looking to unload some tins, I'd be happy to take some off your hands. ;)

  3. Great idea! I like this, not just to hold business cards but all kinds of cards. It reminds me of these little tins my aunt gave my Christmas money in this year. Cute!

  4. such a cool idea to use the tin for...i wish to use it for plastic business cards..thanks for it.


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