Friday, March 9, 2012


I made the most amazing food yesterday!  Falafel pitas with tahini dressing from Vegan With A Vengeance.  Pure heaven in your mouth!  If you haven't had the chance to try out Isa's cookbooks, you should RUN not walk to the nearest bookstore!

I won a giveaway over at Broomsticks and Lace and it arrived this week!  The lovely Jenn sent a soy candle, a beautiful jewelry box, and a necklace.  I adore the's my favorite scent...patchouli!  The jewelry box fits right in on my vintage vanity and I can not wait to wear the pretty necklace.  Thanks a ton Miss Jenn!  

My super old boy (and kitty soul mate) Tibet is just the sweetest boy ever.  I think I've mentioned before that his love knows no bounds.  He has been a foster dad to stray kittens, pet rats, and even a parakeet!  He's a lover not a  
He has a permanent Elvis scowl because he lost his upper canine.  Poor kitty!  Getting old is for the birds!  According to a new article I just read, Tibby (who is 12 in cat years) is actually 64 in human years.  Wow!  The vet says he looks really good for being so old.  :)  

I have a busy weekend ahead of me!  A friend of mine asked me to meet her for a local fabric store's 4 year anniversary.  There's going to be giveaways!  Fingers crossed that I win...they have amazing fabric.  :)  

I will also be saying goodbye to my sister this weekend.  She is moving with her husband to Japan.  There are no words to explain how much I'm going to miss her!  We are more than sisters, we're best friends.  I know this is an exciting opportunity for them, so I am trying to keep that in mind.  It's hard though, to know that  I will likely only see her one or two times a year.  :(  Sadness...

What will you be keeping busy with this weekend?  


  1. Looks like you are on a lucky streak, giveaway wise....hopefully that will include a little fabric goodness, too!

    Tibby does look like Elvis.....haha! How adorable! Our 14 year old cat is still pretty spry...though having peeing outside the litterbox issues that are driving me insane!

    We are going to my Mom's tomorrow to celebrate my little bro's birthday. He is turning 27...I'll be 39 this year....yeah, quite a spread...
    Is your sister moving permanently?
    That is sadness :(

    1. They say it could be up to five years...but I think if my sister has her way they would live there forever!

  2. Oh that looks so delicious! I used to be vegan... I know you'll want to smack me for not continuing as such. I live in a really rural area so there weren't a lot of options for fake meat, and I didn't like the options we did have. But this looks so good! I wish I could have continued with it, it kept me really thin tee hee!

    So glad to see it arrived so quickly (and safely)! I'm happy you like everything!

    Awww, Tibet looks adorable with his perma-King smile. He hee! What a precious guy. Sounds like a sweet character. And 64 is young! ;)

    I'm also sorry to hear about your sister leaving. That's very hard. Hopefully you guys email, and Skype and all that good stuff.

    1. Being vegan can be difficult if you don't have good shopping options. I don't do the whole fake meat thing much anymore..or if I do I make my own with beans and vital wheat gluten. The stuff is amazing! I make something called chickpea cutlets that have the consistency of meat. It's crazy good. :)

      We are planning on using Skype, emailing, facebooking, and of course snail mailing. Lol.

  3. You are on Skype?! Why have I not heard this bit of juicy news before? *hint hint*

    1. Probably b/c it just happened! Lol. ;)

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