Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simple Sunday Pleasures

Good afternoon friends!  How is your Sunday going?  I spent the morning in bed reading.  I have a bad cold and it's making me very lethargic.  However I couldn't stand the mess surrounding me for one more minute.  So I dragged my sniffly bum out of bed and got busy cleaning and organizing!  One of the biggest projects was trying to establish some sort of order in my crafting area.  It was so bad that I haven't wanted to even attempt to make anything this week because of the mess!  I spent about an hour working and now my space is very tidy.  Everything has a place.  I have so much room on my sewing table now.  LOVE!  :)  
Here are some snippets from my crafty area...

Cute postcards from KittyPinkStars and PaintMyselfPretty.

Button love.

Vintage sheet fabric.  Flower Power!

My Zoe is such an awesome dog.  Super friendly and charismatic!  I love spending time with her.  :)  

As I was leaving the house today, I spotted this little guy next to my porch.  I love love love little fuzzy caterpillars!  At first I thought he was dead since he wasn't moving...but I touched him and he moved the tiniest bit.  :)   He made me curious so I did a quick google search and found out that Wooly Bear caterpillars are freeze-resistant!  They produce glycerol which acts as antifreeze.  How cool is that?  

Come spring, this guy will make a cocoon and turn into a beautifully colored moth.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I hope you feel better soon....your crafty space is waiting...heehee!! I love it when I have an empty tabletop ready for a project :)

    I adore moths....more than butterflies even! That one is just gorgeous!
    Take care, Sniffles...

  2. Oh dear, I hope you get well soon! I hate, hate, hate colds. I'm a big suck, are you that way too? It's ok to be like that when you're ill ;) But messes, nope they're maddening I must agree. Crafty space is looking FUN! Buttons and inspiration. I've got similar items in my own little studio nook.

  3. Feel better soon, I have the ick's too and i;m so tired, But I pressed on as well to get some painting done. I love that picture of the wooly bear what a cute name. Nature is awsome. BTW I need too chcek your blog for Vegan cookies recipes, I have an egg allergie and can eat ony Vegan baked goods. My family is Lacto-Vegetarian.

    1. You should try the cookbook called Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. It's delicious. Everything from simple sugar cookies to elaborate Nutter Butter style cookies and Oreos! :) Yum.


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