Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Days

Do you ever have one of those weekends where there is absolutely nothing on the agenda?  That's what this weekend has been like for me.  So other than a quick trip to the vet Saturday morning for some meds for a sick kitty, I had a totally free day.  I popped in a dvd and crawled in bed with a heating pad (did I mention I haven't been feeling too great this past week?) and an embroidery hoop.  Spent the entire day in bed.  This is what I have to show for it:

This lovely pinup girl now graces a pillowcase.  I will be working on the other pillowcase after I recover from the first one!  ;)  

I also finished up this little guy.  I've been working on him all week.  I embroidered him onto vintage sheet material...

...and turned it into a baby bib!  I plan on doing one for each day of the week...

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Yogi on Facebook.   She's a super cute kitty that I love!  She posts daily updates and many different photos.  Her human sells t-shirts and donates the proceeds to local cat shelters.  I received  this "Hello Grumpy" shirt  in the mail yesterday!  

She threw in lots of other little goodies including a magnet, an autographed picture, a pen, and some candies with Yogi's picture on them!

 I caught Miss Ruby being cute this morning.  She loves curling up in my Monkey Pod leaf bowls.  She fits nicely, wouldn't you agree? ;)

Zoe and I spent some time outdoors enjoying the sunshine...

We used to call these "airplanes" when I was a girl.  They were fun to play with!

Violets are so simple and charming.  

I've been very neglectful of the birds and squirrels this year.  I really need to do better.  My house cats enjoy watching them!  

It's hard to see in this photo but my redbud tree has started flowering.  

I get so many mushrooms in my yard.  A bunch cropped up recently after all the rain we've had.  

How has your weekend been?  


  1. Oh, Heather!
    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling too good! It does make it nice, though, at times like these, that a house full of warm, cuddly snugglebuddies are always ready for an opportunity to lounge in bed :)

    I might have to go to Yogi's site....Maggie just loves hairless breeds.

    Your embroidery is pretty amazing! Those pin-up girl pillowcases will be such an awesome set!

    Take care....hope you feel better soon!
    Btw, that ring you're wearing in the pic with Zoe is gorgeous!

  2. Your pinup chick looks sexay! Haha! I am sorry to hear about you feeling under the weather. But, at least you got to stay in bed AND at least something lovely came of it.

  3. fun! need more of that right now. sorry, i've been mia. just posted an update! and i wanted to touch base with you in regard to the handmade gift linkup/exchange party! still moving forward with it. just want to confirm with everyone! and i will follow up with the intended deets with the proper changes! <3 thank you for being patient.


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