Saturday, March 3, 2012

20GB Makes Me A Happy Girl

I've been unable to update the blog lately because I ran out of picture storage space or some such thing.  I didn't even know that could happen.  I guess I'm out of the loop.  Well I purchased some more space (thank goodness) so now I'm back!  I've been very antsy lately because of this.  It's funny how you get used to blogging every few days and when it is taken away from you, you suffer withdrawal!  Maybe it's just me?  ;)  
So...I've been on a pancake kick lately.  Not really sure why.  I think it's my sweet tooth kicking in.  I used a basic vegan recipe and  added my own twist to make these super yummy, super fattening banana pancakes.  Don't judge me for the large amount of powdered sugar...I don't have a sprinkly jar so it kind of just fell out of the bag in a clump!  Hehehe.  

Shy little Camille wanted to say hi to all you lovely readers!  She's a sweet little calico girl who is a bit timid but loves me!  She's also a tiny girl which earned her the nickname of "sweet petite mon ami"...

She just ate some delicious canned cat food...notice the stained chin?  Lol.  Silly girl!

Handsome Giles isn't feeling so well lately.  He's had a bit of an upset tummy.  I made a special trip to the vet for him this morning. Fingers crossed he will be feeling better soon!

I have been lusting after this owl umbrella stand ever since my sister found it at a yard sale.  I've teased her for years about how she should give it to me.  The answer was always no....until now!  Yes, that's right...this beauty is finally mine!  And all it took was my sister moving to Japan ( I will fill you in on this another time).  I'd rather keep my sister here with me but I guess this will make a good consolation prize.  ;)  

I fell in love with this print over at Paradacreations and knew I had to have it!  It's actually been sitting in the envelope for weeks because I kept forgetting to buy a picture frame.  Last weekend I finally remembered...and now I have it displayed on the bookcase in my bedroom!

How have you all been?  Any fun plans for the weekend?  


  1. Yeah I didn't know overfilling your hard drive with pictures could happen either! I understand the deprivation. I killed my macbook last month. I knocked water on it and now it's gone to macbook heaven :( R.I.P. Oh gosh Camille is so adorable :) How many animals do you have Heather? I am super jealous. Our dog passed away six years ago and I haven't had another pet since :( Poor Giles! I hope he feels better soon! The umbrella stand is amazing! Good gift :) I love owls too! And dreamcatchers, so yes, that print is incredible! As for my weekend? Well I am snowed in. So I guess I won't be going anywhere at all...

  2. Oh no! Sorry about your Macbook!!
    I have a zoo Jennifer! Hahaha. :)
    I saw your snow pictures. Yikes!

  3. A zoo of Love! That's what you have :)


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