Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Is In The Air

My family and I exchange baskets every year even though we are all grown up!  Even Mom and Dad get one!  :)  This year I'm doing mostly homemade treats.  I'm a little late getting started and sadly my sewing machine picked the WORST time ever to break down!  So I'm doing it old school...everything will be hand sewn (and of course will take twice as!  Here's the first thing I've made so far.  It's a little Springtime Chick.  She's made from vintage sheet fabric and wool felt with a jaunty bow to make her extra sweet!  This little lady will be going in my Mom's basket.  :)  

I have many more ideas that I will share with you all later...after I have photos!  

I wanted to show you all this adorable little ring that I won in a giveaway over at Violetbella's blog.  This beauty arrived this week and I just can't get enough!  The artist, Mary from Perpetual Sunshine, made it to fit using hemp and coral beads.  I think it's such an enchanting piece of loveliness and the pop of color makes it a blast to wear!  Thanks Mary!!!  

Happy Saturday, friends!  :)  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lazy Days

Do you ever have one of those weekends where there is absolutely nothing on the agenda?  That's what this weekend has been like for me.  So other than a quick trip to the vet Saturday morning for some meds for a sick kitty, I had a totally free day.  I popped in a dvd and crawled in bed with a heating pad (did I mention I haven't been feeling too great this past week?) and an embroidery hoop.  Spent the entire day in bed.  This is what I have to show for it:

This lovely pinup girl now graces a pillowcase.  I will be working on the other pillowcase after I recover from the first one!  ;)  

I also finished up this little guy.  I've been working on him all week.  I embroidered him onto vintage sheet material...

...and turned it into a baby bib!  I plan on doing one for each day of the week...

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Yogi on Facebook.   She's a super cute kitty that I love!  She posts daily updates and many different photos.  Her human sells t-shirts and donates the proceeds to local cat shelters.  I received  this "Hello Grumpy" shirt  in the mail yesterday!  

She threw in lots of other little goodies including a magnet, an autographed picture, a pen, and some candies with Yogi's picture on them!

 I caught Miss Ruby being cute this morning.  She loves curling up in my Monkey Pod leaf bowls.  She fits nicely, wouldn't you agree? ;)

Zoe and I spent some time outdoors enjoying the sunshine...

We used to call these "airplanes" when I was a girl.  They were fun to play with!

Violets are so simple and charming.  

I've been very neglectful of the birds and squirrels this year.  I really need to do better.  My house cats enjoy watching them!  

It's hard to see in this photo but my redbud tree has started flowering.  

I get so many mushrooms in my yard.  A bunch cropped up recently after all the rain we've had.  

How has your weekend been?  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bunting Beauty

I spent this afternoon/evening working on this bunting.  I'm hosting a picnic in a few weeks and I thought it would be lovely to have fabric buntings to brighten up the picnic shelter.  These are double sided, so that they are just as pretty on the back as they are on the front!


I just love fabric, don't you?  I am making the cutest bunting out of these three:  

Thanks to a friend, I discovered the most amazing fabric store in my city.  I found this cute car print there.

And this festive one:

This one too!  

I had to stop after this was just getting to pricey!

So, while I was using my rotary cutter I managed to slice my thumb open!  Oops!  I can't even began to tell you how painful that was.  The Hello Kitty band aid is  cute though...

A colorful pile of scraps...

Working on my bunting...

What's Zoe looking at???

This!  We had tornado warnings this evening.  I hate when those sirens go off and you have to go hide in the basement...or wherever.  It's not fun.  :(  

So on a bit of a sad note, my furry friend Giles passed away yesterday.

RIP little guy.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!   

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello, My Name Is Heather And I'm Addicted To Embroidery!

I've been a busy little bee with my embroidery!  It's like some kind of crazy addiction that I just can't quit!  ;)  
I followed another pattern and created this little guy.  I know it's hard to see in the photo, but he is dreaming about a bone!  

I got a little bored following other people's patterns so I decided to make my own.  Here's my little mermaid lady frolicking in the water.  Excuse the green background...I was just using up scraps.  I would've preferred a blue background!  :)  
Oh, I've blocked out naked bits to protect any of you with sensitive!  

I had lots of fun with her hair...

...and the flowering plants! 

Do you embroider?  If so, do you have any great websites to recommend?  

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Stitchin' Good Time!

Good evening, friends!  How was your weekend?  Too short, right? :)
Today I took an Intro to Embroidery class at a local craft store.  This is something I've been wanting to learn for years so needless to say I was pretty excited!  
The teacher gave us an instruction booklet, floss, fabric, hoop and even a pattern to take home.  

We learned the basic stitches such as the blanket stitch, lazy daisy, and the running stitch.  You can see some of my first attempts here...

When I got home I went online and found out how to do the french knot and the pistil stitch.
Then I put the pattern that the teacher gave me to good use.  Here's what I made!  A cute little chihuahua in honor of my sweet chi, Lola!  :)  

I'm excited to buy some patterns!  I found some super cute ones on Etsy.  For example these pinup girls from SewLovelyEmbroidery:  

This one is super cute!  

These little kitties are adorable!  I can't wait to get started!

I think it will be fun to draw some of my own designs as well.  I've actually already started!   ;)  

Don't you just love that feeling you get when you learn a new craft?  

Friday, March 9, 2012


I made the most amazing food yesterday!  Falafel pitas with tahini dressing from Vegan With A Vengeance.  Pure heaven in your mouth!  If you haven't had the chance to try out Isa's cookbooks, you should RUN not walk to the nearest bookstore!

I won a giveaway over at Broomsticks and Lace and it arrived this week!  The lovely Jenn sent a soy candle, a beautiful jewelry box, and a necklace.  I adore the's my favorite scent...patchouli!  The jewelry box fits right in on my vintage vanity and I can not wait to wear the pretty necklace.  Thanks a ton Miss Jenn!  

My super old boy (and kitty soul mate) Tibet is just the sweetest boy ever.  I think I've mentioned before that his love knows no bounds.  He has been a foster dad to stray kittens, pet rats, and even a parakeet!  He's a lover not a  
He has a permanent Elvis scowl because he lost his upper canine.  Poor kitty!  Getting old is for the birds!  According to a new article I just read, Tibby (who is 12 in cat years) is actually 64 in human years.  Wow!  The vet says he looks really good for being so old.  :)  

I have a busy weekend ahead of me!  A friend of mine asked me to meet her for a local fabric store's 4 year anniversary.  There's going to be giveaways!  Fingers crossed that I win...they have amazing fabric.  :)  

I will also be saying goodbye to my sister this weekend.  She is moving with her husband to Japan.  There are no words to explain how much I'm going to miss her!  We are more than sisters, we're best friends.  I know this is an exciting opportunity for them, so I am trying to keep that in mind.  It's hard though, to know that  I will likely only see her one or two times a year.  :(  Sadness...

What will you be keeping busy with this weekend?  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Simple Sunday Pleasures

Good afternoon friends!  How is your Sunday going?  I spent the morning in bed reading.  I have a bad cold and it's making me very lethargic.  However I couldn't stand the mess surrounding me for one more minute.  So I dragged my sniffly bum out of bed and got busy cleaning and organizing!  One of the biggest projects was trying to establish some sort of order in my crafting area.  It was so bad that I haven't wanted to even attempt to make anything this week because of the mess!  I spent about an hour working and now my space is very tidy.  Everything has a place.  I have so much room on my sewing table now.  LOVE!  :)  
Here are some snippets from my crafty area...

Cute postcards from KittyPinkStars and PaintMyselfPretty.

Button love.

Vintage sheet fabric.  Flower Power!

My Zoe is such an awesome dog.  Super friendly and charismatic!  I love spending time with her.  :)  

As I was leaving the house today, I spotted this little guy next to my porch.  I love love love little fuzzy caterpillars!  At first I thought he was dead since he wasn't moving...but I touched him and he moved the tiniest bit.  :)   He made me curious so I did a quick google search and found out that Wooly Bear caterpillars are freeze-resistant!  They produce glycerol which acts as antifreeze.  How cool is that?  

Come spring, this guy will make a cocoon and turn into a beautifully colored moth.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!