Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Bliss

A friend of mine came for a visit today and we decided to go vintage shopping!  I found so many treasures...some of which brought a smile to my face because they were things I had as a child!  I wish I would've thought to take pictures while I was there!  
I came away with some cute things for my home though.  I love the colors and pattern in this tin:

The hinged lid makes it even better!

I'm the most excited about this gadget!  A fruit press/potato ricer...never been used!  How festive.  I will be making some applesauce with this tomorrow!  

A fabric calendar from 1977.  

I love the kittens!

The year after I was born!

Adorable children's books!  So cheap!  I got these for one to two dollars each!  

Precious illustrations...

One of the things I love most about old books is the inscriptions you sometimes find.  I admit, I got this book strictly because of  the inscription!!  

We ended the day at a New Age bookstore where I picked up some crystals and stones.  Here are a few!  So pretty...

Have a happy weekend!!!


  1. You certainly found some treasures. I think we have similar taste in things. Most people would be happiest going to the mall and buying something brand new. I too adore inscriptions in old books. I've got one from 1899 that is from a church in Wales, given as a gift to a lady who helped out with some sort of a charity function. I don't know how it ended up all the way over here, but it's so cool. And tiger's eye is the best for luck :)

    1. Oh I simply adore old things. I always wonder who owned it before me and what their life was like. I think things with a history are awesome!

  2. We had Little Children's Books when I was little. I like the things that you found. Don't forget there are lots of books on your Dad's bookshelves with inscriptions.

  3. I'm starting to get into vintage greeting cards now....I just reading what loved ones wrote to their families for holidays and birthdays....and the cards are so cute and different than what you see today.
    I could thrift all day everyday....haha! Your finds are wonderful! 1976, huh? Looks like I've 3 years on ya!

    1. I especially love vintage Valentine's! :)

  4. love these old books and the lovely tin can! This looks like you had a joyful day :-)

  5. That tin and book with the dedication are beautiful Great finds!


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