Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Day

Just wanted to pop in with a quick hello!  It's been a very busy week and I haven't had the chance to do much crafting or cooking or any of the things I enjoy doing.  Therefore I only have some random photos from the past few days to share with you. 

1.  I love the tree photo.  She's a huge old maple that lives in my front yard (one of two actually).  She gives me shade in the summer and many lovely little squirrels call her branches home.  
2.  Random photo of me in my dork glasses.  ;)  
3.  Old truck in my "garage".
4.  Yummy plate of veggies.  I've been eating veggie and hummus plates for lunch all week.  Being too lazy to cook and all...
5.  Zoe eating grass.  She had an upset tummy that day.  :(  
6.  Some bibs all cut out and ready to sew!
7.  Vintage bread tin.  I store old cookbooks in it...
8.  Hummus.
9.  Dog yoga.
10.  Fabric pile.  I love trips to the fabric store.  I'm like a kid in a candy shop!  ;)  

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wonderful pics....but I'm sorry you've been too busy to indulge in the things you love most...

    Perhaps this weekend?!
    I hope so :D

    1. That's what weekends are for! :)

      I have been drawing every night before bed that's been fun!

  2. great photos love the fabric pile

  3. Hellooooo!! You won my giveaway.. If you could email me your address to I'll mail your prize xxx


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