Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kitties In Bed

I'm participating in a fun activity with Cameron over at PaintMyselfPretty.

She suggested we all do the lessons from this book and then link what we come up with!  

The first lesson instructed us to draw 30 cats while lying in bed!  I haven't drawn much since high school so I was a little intimidated at first.  But then I stopped being so judgemental of myself and just went to work!  It was so much fun!  Here are some of the kitties I came up with.  

Then I stopped following directions and made a happy little cat couple!  :)  

This book is a super fun way to get back into drawing!  I've been doodling every single day for the past week.  Thanks Cameron for suggesting this awesome book!  :)  


  1. They are great, Heather!! Oh so cute!! I love # 4 and the cat sweet!
    Thank you so much for making this a lot more fun for me!

  2. They are looking great Heather. I am going to post some tomorrow!

  3. They are looking fabulous. Did you actually do it in bed? I must confess I didn't. But I did use my non-dominant hand which was a lot of fun :D

    1. I did draw them in bed. I am a huge bed lounger. I prefer it to hanging out in the living room! Lol.

  4. awww your cats are cute :-) I gave up after 2 boooooo!!

  5. love the laying kitty on the left corner and the lovely couple ♥


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