Friday, February 17, 2012

Blind Contour Drawings - Lesson 2

Continuing on in Drawing Lab...this week we focused on blind contour drawings.  We were instructed to draw giraffes...however I didn't have a giraffe (or even a picture of one) to look at so I did mine from memory.  Lol.  I totally suck at following the rules.  

So here is my childish looking giraffe!

I moved on to drawing my dog Zoe.  I had a little more fun with this.   Here she is sleeping...

and a close up of her well as a full body.  I'm a bit embarrassed by how silly these are but that's ok...I never claimed to be an artist!  ;)  I'm just doing this for fun!


  1. Did you have fun? That's the biggest thing! I think these are and the lesson was helping us to be :)

    1. Yes, I enjoyed it. But I enjoyed the first weeks lesson more! Lol.

  2. awww I really liked the ones you did of your dog :-) cute!!

  3. I think these are great - especially your dog :D I found this one hard I must admit.

  4. love your dog sleeping and the one with the big nose... so cute

  5. Hey, I can't talk. I haven't even gotten around to doing this yet! I'm going to find some pics online to use. Hope you are having fun with Drawing Lab!


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