Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wish List

I'm loving all things embroidered lately.  Especially those kitschy vintage finds!  I always keep my eye out when I'm thrifting but so far no luck!  

I think this friendship picture is precious. I especially like that it has "Berlin, 1985" stitched at the bottom!

This patchwork pup is beyond cute!  Wouldn't he look adorable in a child's room?  

These birds on a branch are so pretty...

Saved the best for last!  Of course, it's an owl.  ;)  


  1. Oh I love these! Great minds think alike, these are right up my alley! They are so English country looking. Makes me think of a little cottage or something.

  2. These would look adorable in your house :)

  3. I love the birds!! and also I believe Owls to be my totem animal and many owl items of my own. very cute!!


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