Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I always complain about how heavy my purse is.  After going through it last night, it's no wonder!  Look at all of this stuff!  

Snacks: Fiji water and an orange, for those moments when I have to eat NOW!  
Knitting needles and yarn: for when the mood strikes!
Journal: I like to keep it close at hand for writing down thoughts, feelings, ideas and more.  
Camera: for snapping pictures for my blog! ;)
Starbucks Freebie Card:  I love when these babies show up in my mailbox!  Free is great...especially when it comes to $5 coffee drinks!
Laptop: for those visits to Starbucks where I can check email, facebook, and blogger.  
Book:  I'm a reader and I don't like being caught without a book!  
Wallet: this one's obvious.  :)
Other:  Pocket mirror (hard to's under the pack of gum) but it's my fave mirror.  It has a pin up girl on the back...super cute!  Glasses case, gum, hand sanitizer, and a hair clip.

So what's in your bag?


  1. In my anthropology class last semester we did a project where we had to determine a person's age and personality from the contents of their purses. This reminds me of it so much! You can tell immediately when it's a more artistic person. The contents of your bag are kind of like a mini bio. By the way I really like your bag itself!

  2. Mine's pretty utilitarian....wallet, lib balm, lotion, Splenda packets, cell phone, my own business cards, a pen and tissues.

    My purse is green though...and my wallet has a handpainted anime type girl on it (I bought it at Marshalls a while back).

    I like how you are prepared for anything!

  3. Jennifer, that sounds like a fun project! I wonder how old the contents of my bag make me! ;)

    Cameron, when you are away from home 12+ hours a day, you have to be prepared! :)


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