Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Day

It's been super lovely to wake up every morning to a clean room!  I actually want to hang out at home rather than leave just to escape the energy-sucking mess!  :)  Here's one of my favorite vintage vanity that I inherited from my great grandmother, Mimi.  I can remember playing at this vanity as a little girl.  Mimi always knew how much I loved it so she left it to me!  I will treasure it always and hopefully one day pass it on to my own child.

Another view of my much neater room.  I finally ditched the over-the-door shoe bag that I have always hated and replaced it with a rack for hanging my jackets and coats.  For some reason my 1940's home didn't come with a coat  

Weird picture of my twinkle lights at night...I enjoyed watching movies under these sparklies Friday night!

Today I woke up to birthday kisses from my sweet baby Persephone!  She woke me up with her cold little nose on my face.  Silly kitten!  I know I'm biased but I think my little girl is the most beautiful kitty ever!  ;)

Zoe snuck into bed with me last night.  She's so adorable...I couldn't be mad at her!

My family couldn't be here for my birthday so they sent gifts.  My sister got me the Hello Kitty lunch box (which will definitely come in handy) and my Mom surprised me with a vintage mixing bowl and some pot holders.  Thanks guys!  

I had invited a bunch of friends to join me for a birthday brunch but sadly no one showed up (except for Pat...he's always with me on my bday).  I took it kind of hard even though I know not to get my hopes up.  Having a New Year's birthday means that you typically end up spending it alone.  Everyone is sleeping off their hangovers, I guess? least I had my Pat to hang with.

I did a little shopping with my gift cards yesterday.  I didn't see too much that I liked but I did end up with this cute yellow top.  I'm really gravitating towards shades of yellow this winter.  It certainly is nice to see such a pop of color on a grey winter day!

Happy New Years Day!


  1. Happy Birthday & Happy New Year!!

    (I'm having a vegan giveaway too if you're interested!

  2. Happy Birthday! I woulda totally come over....I see what you cook!!! Haha!

    You look sunny sweet in yellow...looks great with those new specs, too :)

  3. Your room is super clean--it looks nice.

  4. Ah thanks Cameron! I would've loved to have you over. Too bad you live on the other side of the country! ;)


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