Monday, January 30, 2012


Attempting to keep up with my New Year's resolutions I've been reading a book called "Book of Hours: Prayers To The Goddess" by Galen Gillote  It's beautifully written and touches something within me.  I remember as a child saying the same prayer every night before bed.  I think as an adult, I've missed that routine.  I know that we can speak to God/Goddess/Deity of choice at anytime and that memorized words aren't necessary...however occasionally it's nice to have another option.  What I really love about this book is that it divides the prayers into morning/afternoon/evening for each day of the week.  There are also prayers for life events (both big and small).  This one really touched home with me so I thought I'd share it here.

To Find My Life's Path

May the Lady of the Crossroads and the 
Hunter of the moon
reveal my life's path to me.
May They give me the strength, courage, and creativity to pursue it.
In embracing it, may
I be blessed and at peace.
Blessed Be.

This morning upon waking I read the prayer and meditation for the day.  I took a few minutes to reflect before starting my day.  Each section comes with an affirmation.   Today it was "...I will choose joy today".  

I often find myself dwelling on the negative aspects in my life so I knew that this affirmation was going to be difficult for me but I was determined to give it a try!  

Choosing to focus on joy.  Choosing.  Every morning is a clean slate and we get to choose how we're going to face our day.  I actively decided to find joy in the small moments and my entire day was so much brighter!  

It started at the gas station this morning.  While impatiently waiting for my gas to pump, I looked up into the sky.  Perched above me on the telephone wire were at least sixty birds.  So simple.  So beautiful.  And it brought a smile to my face and a reminder to my heart to not get so caught up in the mundane parts of my day that I forget to appreciate the wonders around me.  

It was an important lesson.  One I plan on remembering!  

I wanted to share other things that made me happy today...

This delicate infinity scarf.
I love the versatility!

Soy yogurt.  I never enjoyed yogurt back in my pre-vegan days...but now?  I adore it!  

Knitting.  So relaxing...

Happy child.  He is a little sweetie and he truly has my heart!  I love him so much.  I will be sad when he's no longer in my day to day life...

Now I'm sitting here at Starbucks, drinking a (free!) cup of coffee and thinking about all of my friends both near and far, friends that I have spent time with in the real world and those that I know only from the internet....and I am feeling incredibly happy for all those connections.  
I love you all!  


  1. I like your middle scarf pic most. That one needs to be on FB as well.

  2. That is the loveliest prayer! I think your New Year's resolution is brilliant. I would like to have a nightly prayer too. It's such a sweet little tradition. I love the scarf too! Knitting is blissful :)

    1. Knitting is how I relax...however it relaxes me too much (to the point of needing a nap)! That's why I'm such a slow knitter! :)

  3. Life is amazing...even when we feel its not....I love your gentle reminder to choose to dwell in possibility and appreciate the wonder of it all!!
    I love you, too!

    1. You're such a sweetie Cameron! I am so glad I "met" you!! :)


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