Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today has been a "me" day.  After not sleeping well at all I decided to treat myself to a trip to my favorite salon for a bang trim and brow wax.  For some reason I find waxing really relaxing.  I swear I could just fall asleep in that chair!  

I've received so many compliments today.  It's been a nice little self-esteem booster.  Thanks to all you lovelies who brightened my day!  

After that I stopped off for a little retail therapy at my favorite craft store.  I scored this adorable hand crocheted hat!

It's super comfy and it's such a great color...

I'm a sucker for cute or unusual magnets.  I got this one to add to my collection.  :)

This weird little guy is actually a rubber stamp.  I thought it would be cute to add to my little "handmade" tags that I put on my creations...

It's been such a lovely day!  I plan on continuing the fun this evening with a little crafting!  What are you doing with your Saturday?  


  1. Hello!

    I apologize but I do not understand how you could find waxing relaxing haha! I tear up just thinking about it! You do look so lovely though. Wonderful chapeau :) That stamp is wonderful! What a brilliant idea to stamp him on your tags. This Saturday I've been up to very little. Constantly rearranging. Perhaps a little crafting myself. I hope you have a lovely week ahead :)

    Lots of love and light,

    1. Rearranging is one of my favorite things to do! I pick up decorating books (specifically vintage/thrift/bazaar ones) to get inspired! :) Have a great Sunday!

  2. LOVE THE HAT!!and is that an octopus or a monster in the I make things label?

  3. I think it's a combo of both! Lol.


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