Sunday, January 29, 2012


As anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm a huge procrastinator.  I've always been ok with it because when push comes to shove and I'm up against a deadline, I always pull it off without a hitch.  However this year I decided that it's time I finally start crossing off things on my bucket list.  One of those items?  To open an Etsy shop!  I've talked about it for years now and now I have done it.  You can see a nifty widget on my sidebar if you'd like to take a look (thanks Cameron!  I used the same one you have on your blog!).  Please keep in mind that this is just the start.  I will be adding more items in the next week!


  1. woo hoo! congrats on setting up shop! that's a huuuge accomplishment in itself :) i look forward to following your ventures!

    and p.s. i'm just like you; big procrastinator until push comes to shove. then it's effortless!


  2. ....and a bit of nagging doesn't hurt....haha!
    I'm so glad you took the plunge!!!

    I LOVE the name!! Soooooo perfect for you :)
    Aren't those Craft cult widgets fun?!


    1. It wasn't the original name I had planned on (turned out someone else already had it) but I think this one suits me better.

      Yes! I love the widget! :)


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