Friday, January 6, 2012

Etsy Love!

The cold weather seems to be here to stay and I am trying my best to stay toasty!  I've found so many beautiful hand knit and crocheted options on Etsy to help make winter a little warmer.  :) 

These beautiful fingerless gloves from Cookieletta simply take my breath away.  She offers them in many different color combos! 

This delicate scarf is pure perfection!  I am definitely a scarf girl.  I have one to suit every mood!  :)  

This beautiful hat is simply delightful!  I think that lace flower just adds to the charm.  

Don't forget your four legged friends when the temperatures plummet!  My little Lola would looks so adorable in this dress!

What's your favorite wintertime accessory?


  1. So pretty. The chihuahua is the sweater is the best!

  2. It just doesn't get cold enough around here to need these cute things....though people like to pretend they do :)

  3. Cameron, I would gladly trade you the scarves and boots and hats for the warm weather! ;)


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