Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craftin' Overload

Last night proved to be a good one for crafting!  I popped Dr. Quinn in the dvd player and went to work.  I finally finished this washcloth I've been knitting all week...I'm such a slooooowwww knitter!  

I love it!  I used the moss stitch...

I whipped up a few new handwarmers in a bright yellow bumblebee fabric!

A simple felt and button hair clip to pretty up any hairstyle.

A rice filled heating pad to soothe away aches and pains...

 And a reusable "ziplock" bag to brighten up your lunchbox!

Ruby and Zoe spent most of the night snuggled up just like this!  Ahhh...the cuteness!  

My sister got me this cute Lucky Cat (aka maneki neko) while she was in Seattle.  I've been wanting one for years!  Thanks Kelly!  :)  

May the Lucky Cat bless you and yours with good luck and fortune!  


  1. Those are beautiful! I recently learned to knit-the knit stitch and let me just tell you crochet is MUCH faster...for me anyway..I have made washclothes but I find them to be really rough with the cotton yarn.

  2. I'm a horribly slow knitter as well... mostly because I lose interest after a while and then catch the bug again a few months later and start a whole new project. So nothing ever gets finished. I love your creations :) Especially the handwarmers. What adorable fabric. Speaking of adorable, Ruby and Zoe! So sweet. That's love right there.

  3. I've heard that crochet is quicker...for some reason I find knitting easier though. I just can't seem to get the hang of crochet. Wish I could though b/c I am dying to make a granny square afghan!

  4. I need 1 1/2 yards of that yellow bumblebee fabric. I keep seeing it used, but I cannot find it anywhere. Any idea where I might find some?

    1. Hmmm....I found that so long ago I'm not sure I remember. I typically either get my fabric from Wal Mart or Joanne Fabrics. Occasionally from a local sewing shop too...but I know the bee fabric didn't come from there. Good luck!


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