Monday, January 30, 2012


Attempting to keep up with my New Year's resolutions I've been reading a book called "Book of Hours: Prayers To The Goddess" by Galen Gillote  It's beautifully written and touches something within me.  I remember as a child saying the same prayer every night before bed.  I think as an adult, I've missed that routine.  I know that we can speak to God/Goddess/Deity of choice at anytime and that memorized words aren't necessary...however occasionally it's nice to have another option.  What I really love about this book is that it divides the prayers into morning/afternoon/evening for each day of the week.  There are also prayers for life events (both big and small).  This one really touched home with me so I thought I'd share it here.

To Find My Life's Path

May the Lady of the Crossroads and the 
Hunter of the moon
reveal my life's path to me.
May They give me the strength, courage, and creativity to pursue it.
In embracing it, may
I be blessed and at peace.
Blessed Be.

This morning upon waking I read the prayer and meditation for the day.  I took a few minutes to reflect before starting my day.  Each section comes with an affirmation.   Today it was "...I will choose joy today".  

I often find myself dwelling on the negative aspects in my life so I knew that this affirmation was going to be difficult for me but I was determined to give it a try!  

Choosing to focus on joy.  Choosing.  Every morning is a clean slate and we get to choose how we're going to face our day.  I actively decided to find joy in the small moments and my entire day was so much brighter!  

It started at the gas station this morning.  While impatiently waiting for my gas to pump, I looked up into the sky.  Perched above me on the telephone wire were at least sixty birds.  So simple.  So beautiful.  And it brought a smile to my face and a reminder to my heart to not get so caught up in the mundane parts of my day that I forget to appreciate the wonders around me.  

It was an important lesson.  One I plan on remembering!  

I wanted to share other things that made me happy today...

This delicate infinity scarf.
I love the versatility!

Soy yogurt.  I never enjoyed yogurt back in my pre-vegan days...but now?  I adore it!  

Knitting.  So relaxing...

Happy child.  He is a little sweetie and he truly has my heart!  I love him so much.  I will be sad when he's no longer in my day to day life...

Now I'm sitting here at Starbucks, drinking a (free!) cup of coffee and thinking about all of my friends both near and far, friends that I have spent time with in the real world and those that I know only from the internet....and I am feeling incredibly happy for all those connections.  
I love you all!  

Sunday, January 29, 2012


As anyone who knows me can tell you, I'm a huge procrastinator.  I've always been ok with it because when push comes to shove and I'm up against a deadline, I always pull it off without a hitch.  However this year I decided that it's time I finally start crossing off things on my bucket list.  One of those items?  To open an Etsy shop!  I've talked about it for years now and now I have done it.  You can see a nifty widget on my sidebar if you'd like to take a look (thanks Cameron!  I used the same one you have on your blog!).  Please keep in mind that this is just the start.  I will be adding more items in the next week!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lovely Day

I just love the weekends, don't you?  Friday nights are the best part in my opinion.  I get to unwind at Starbucks for a few hours and then head home, knowing I have the next two days to do whatever I want.  Bliss!  

Last night I tidied up my sewing area.  This handmade shelf (I use the term's just two old crates stacked) sits at the back of my sewing table.  It's always changing, evolving.  Whatever I find inspiring finds its way here!  Right now there is a postcard from Violetbella (I've always adored this photo), an interesting stone (my friend said it's called a lightening rock but I don't know if that's true or not), and a hand knitted washcloth...

I finished up several orders I've been working on.  I decided to utilize my vintage typewriter in making this tag...
I love how it turned out...very rustic!  

Made a few more coordinating snack packs!  

It was a busy night!  :)  

Here's my soul mate, Tibet.  This is the purse that cats love!  I don't know why....but for some reason it makes them happier than catnip!  :)  

What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For My Valentine...

I came across this adorable retro valentine fabric and knew I had to do something special with it!  

I found a tutorial on making fabric envelopes and cards here...

So cute!  I couldn't resist!  So perfect for the Valentine Swap I'm doing with an old friend.  :)  Hope she doesn't sneek a peak at my blog or it will ruin the surprise!

Love this craft!  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yarn Lovers Dreamcatcher

I came across a lovely dreamcatcher on Etsy that I would love to own but sadly it was way out of my price range.  So I did the next best thing...I created my own version of it.  Lets give credit where credits due here...take a look at the original.  The etsy one is simply a work of art!  Here is my much smaller version...

I used a combo of ribbon, yarn and lace to create this.  It's now hanging over my bed.  I love it!  So does my kitten Ruby...I'm a little worried she's going to tear it up!  ;)  
Maybe I should just call it a cat toy?  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday slump

It's been a rather slow weekend, craft-wise.  I haven't been feeling inspired to make anything new.  Instead I started a few more sets of rice filled hand warmers.  Here they are, not quite finished!

I also tried out my fabric wrapping on wire hangers as opposed to the plastic I used last time (seen here)  I think I like it better this way.  What do you think?

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel all your energy has mysteriously disappeared?  That's how I've felt since Friday.  I have no desire to do anything but lounge in my warm bed watching movies.  Sometimes I feel that my home is responsible for my lethargy...especially when it needs cleaned!  I know I always feel refreshed and creative when surrounded with order and beauty so I guess it makes sense to feel the opposite when surrounded with mess.  I managed to tidy up a bit this morning and I'm thinking I need to smudge too.  Do you smudge your space on a regular basis?  I feel that it clears the air of any negative vibes that have accumulated over time.  I typically use sage first to dispel the negative energy and then follow it up with sweetgrass to attract the positive...

This bundle is made from rosemary and lavender...I think it's beautiful...the woman who makes them says it's cleansing and purifying...

What do you do to help yourself get out of a creative slump?

Saturday, January 21, 2012


My parents welcomed a new pet into their home recently.  She's an 11 week old mutt who was living as a "barn dog".  My Mom met her and fell in love.  I finally got to see Violet this week and I fell head over heels!  She came to my house and was so calm and loving.  She met my dogs and cats and seemed a bit shy but interested.  
Look at her cute little face!

I love her little pink sweater.  Mom wants me to knit her something!

Puppy teeth!

I wanted to keep her but Mom wouldn't let me!  ;)  

Baby Bib and Burpcloth

I whipped up a last minute birthday gift for a cute little girl I know!  A baby bib and burp cloth...I just love this "bubble" fabric!

I lined both with super soft terry.

Packaged it up with some cotton yarn and a cute "monster" tag!  

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but making a gift really brings me so much more pleasure than buying some mass produced junk from the store!  :)  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Craftin' Overload

Last night proved to be a good one for crafting!  I popped Dr. Quinn in the dvd player and went to work.  I finally finished this washcloth I've been knitting all week...I'm such a slooooowwww knitter!  

I love it!  I used the moss stitch...

I whipped up a few new handwarmers in a bright yellow bumblebee fabric!

A simple felt and button hair clip to pretty up any hairstyle.

A rice filled heating pad to soothe away aches and pains...

 And a reusable "ziplock" bag to brighten up your lunchbox!

Ruby and Zoe spent most of the night snuggled up just like this!  Ahhh...the cuteness!  

My sister got me this cute Lucky Cat (aka maneki neko) while she was in Seattle.  I've been wanting one for years!  Thanks Kelly!  :)  

May the Lucky Cat bless you and yours with good luck and fortune!  

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Today has been a "me" day.  After not sleeping well at all I decided to treat myself to a trip to my favorite salon for a bang trim and brow wax.  For some reason I find waxing really relaxing.  I swear I could just fall asleep in that chair!  

I've received so many compliments today.  It's been a nice little self-esteem booster.  Thanks to all you lovelies who brightened my day!  

After that I stopped off for a little retail therapy at my favorite craft store.  I scored this adorable hand crocheted hat!

It's super comfy and it's such a great color...

I'm a sucker for cute or unusual magnets.  I got this one to add to my collection.  :)

This weird little guy is actually a rubber stamp.  I thought it would be cute to add to my little "handmade" tags that I put on my creations...

It's been such a lovely day!  I plan on continuing the fun this evening with a little crafting!  What are you doing with your Saturday?  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Laptop Lunch

I haven't used my laptop lunchbox in ages!  I love this box and all the little compartments.  Last night I packed up leftovers for my lunch today.  I had vegan taco salad...yum.  :)  
Something about opening this adorable pink box after a difficult morning, really made my day a bit brighter!  

I've been doing my best to cut back on my Starbucks addiction.  This little guy is going to help me with that!  ;)  I am now the proud owner of an espresso maker.  Not that I drink espresso...but I will drink lattes and cappuccinos!  

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cat Quilt

Inspired by the lovely Laura over at Violet Bella, I decided to make a "cat quilt" for a friend of mine.  It's a bit owl crazy (like me)!  I used up scraps of old fabric as well as sheet remnants from my closet curtain project.

Before I even finished stitching it up, someone decided it looked like a comfy place to lounge!

She was really unhappy with me when I packaged the quilt up!  Poor Ruby, guess I'll have to make one for her!  :)  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pay It Forward 2012

You may have seen this floating around Facebook or perhaps on someone's blog.  It's such a fun idea!  Basically the first 5 people to leave a comment along with their email address will receive a handmade gift from me sometime this year.  *Note: You must be a follower of this blog.* In return you must make the same offer to 5 others (either on your blog or facebook).  I've already participated in this on FB and it was a blast!