Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye To The Old

I know every other blogger out there is doing a year in review post, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon too!  
This year has been fairly uneventful for me...other than all my car drama...and pet  I lost my precious Outback in a car wreck (this still stings) and gained a newer Subaru (not as awesome as Suki but no car ever will be).  

Drove all the way Illinois to go camping with my friend Ashley.  I was super excited because I had a brand new HUGE tent among other camping goodies.  :)

While we were there I got a beautiful henna tattoo...

I spent much time with good friends like Channon!  We grew up across the street from each other and have been close since we were kids.  

I also spent a lot of time with family...especially my sister!  

I enjoyed a Labor Day picnic with my parents....

Went wading in the creek...

My sweet sister gave me a bicycle...which was later stolen.

I took the boys to the zoo many, many times over the summer!

Bought my very first Violet Bella dress!  

Scored a free sewing machine on

Participated in yarn bombing...

Crafted many things...

Spent lots of time whipping up new recipes!

Started a garden...

Enjoyed the "wildlife" on my porch!

Spent way too much time (and money) at my home away from home...

Purchased a new kitchen floor!  Thanks again P for all your help with that!

Said goodbye to some precious pets...

Enjoyed my skunk's antics!

Said hello to a new friend...Ingrid.

Took the plunge and FINALLY cut my bangs short!

Cleaned and organized...

Watched my little sister get married...

Joined Weight Watchers and actually lost weight...until I became too poor to continue the program!

How was your year?  


  1. That didn't seem uneventful to me!! Phew!

    I just love your Earth Mama style!!


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