Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pretty Gifts

Santa's elves have nothing on me!  I was up til the wee hours wrapping festive gifts last night.  I started off by making these uber cute felt pompom bows that I saw over at Delightfully Tacky.  
These were so fun and easy to make!  First you cut a fringe in the felt...

Roll it up and use a dot of fabric glue at the end to hold it together...

Voila!  Beautiful felt bows!

I also made some gift tags using letter stamps and tie on label tags.  I like how you can customize each tag!

For the ladies on my list, I prettied up their packages with crocheted doilies!

I'm not a big fan of gift wrapping but I have to admit that doing it this way was fun.  :)  Sure beats the store bought paper and bows!  

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  1. Those look adorable!! It's always so nice when thought and care goes into the outside of a package as well as the inside :)


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